Every Film I Watched For The First Time In 2014

I've honestly only gotten into film/watching films in the last few years. My attention span isn't the best, and I couldn't be bothered in the past. I know now that I was missing out on quite a bit. I was inspired to do this post around August or September, so I'm not completely sure if I remembered every title, but I've done my best to. I'm still catching up on cult classics and the like, so there are some that might be weird for someone to see for the first time at eighteen. I'm really working my way through films now though, so here are the one's I've squeezed into (primarily) the end of this year, and all films are linked to their IMDb page for a quick reference. Some were wonderful, and some were not so great. Some are new lifelong favorites though. It's not as long as I'd unrealistically hoped this year, but I think this list is pretty successful.