P A D (The Finale)


It's still gray a lot.

I picked up a few things.
(crew socks, ink, eyeliner)

I started the baking for Christmas this day. My mother needed cookies for an office party, so they were all green and red.

I think I was getting ready to leave here. My mother gave me her old Dooney & Bourke wallet, and I'm obsessed with it. She's got a matching bag that I borrowed a few times in high school.

12.24.14 + 12.25.14
N/A (holidays you guys)

I found some old photos while cleaning out some of my things.


I started a series that will probably take months to complete because oil paint takes ages to dry. I forgot.

This guy is coming down soon.

I'm ending this photo series with what I'm wearing today. I'm spending New Year's Eve in. There's a chance for sleet/ice, and I live too far out in the country to be caught out in the weather. It's been fun, but I'm ready for 2015's series. Happy New Year!

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