Photos of Christmas Past

I was given the camera I use now for my eighteenth birthday, which meant I was fully prepared for the Christmas of 2012. I went all out, obsessively taking photos of everything. Looking back at these, I'm laughing because I thought they were so nice at the time, when they're actually really blurry and unusable. I like to think I've learned a few things since.

Christmas 2013 was weird. I definitely didn't take as many photos. If I take away the photos of family, this (above) is really the only "festive" photo from 2013 I've got. Though my parents had come to visit, and I was with family, and there were decorations, etc, I didn't have that Christmas feeling. I mean, Christmas night I found myself wandering the strip (not for the first time that week either). It wasn't bad, it was still really nice, it just wasn't what I was used to. 

I think I'm really thrown off this year. I'll be 20, which is still weird, and I'm back at home, but I have so many different mixed emotions about that. I haven't been feeling very festive this year, and I'm really hoping that isn't something that'll stick around as I get "older."

I'm also really dramatic about nothing. It's the end of the year, it happens.

I've enjoyed looking through these old holiday photos though. A lot changes in a year or two.

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