Goodbye January

I started off this year very productively. I've been pushing myself to work harder than ever. There are so many things I want to be doing, and I'm trying my best, even more so this year. I've had fresh inspiration in the mail, and I've seen more early mornings than I have in months. Though January was not a social month in the slightest, I'd say 2015 is off to an alright start.


Oh my god, you can see the missing key on my computer. Okay so I have a dog and I was working on the floor, and I still haven't figured out how to pop it back on. Anyway, celebrate the weekend with some inspiration and something sweet.

Happy Weekend!


Good morning! Just a reminder to take a few minutes for yourself and breathe. Go outside, go near a window. Everything's going to be alright. It's almost Friday.

Valentino Couture

If you've been reading this blog for a minute, you'll know that I'm ridiculously obsessed with Valentino. Today's couture show had me feeling no different. Everything was so fairy tale meets folk musician. Really though, I need to start wearing little flowers in my hair daily. I'm already researching different ways I can get my short hair into a halo around my head. Coincidentally, I've been wanting to make my own wardrobe more ethereal (because why not?), and this collection has given me so much to dream about. Love was the word, and I am definitely in love.

You can catch today's show here.

Images from

Doodle Every Day

You guys! Guess who figured out the scanner! You may have seen slipped it in photos in the past, but it's not actually mine, and I've never been able to figure it out. Oh my god. This helps so much. 

Illustration wise, I had a few rough days, but I think I pulled through in the last few. Inspiration struck, I guess.

Today I'll be working on more art things and sorting through/editing 600+ photos. I really can't complain.


I hope everyone's been having a nice weekend! I've managed to get quite a few things done in the last few days.

Some Berlin Fashion Week Favorites

This week was Berlin Fashion Week, and I am so ready for next month, as well as working on a few projects of my own. I think the biggest themes I've noticed from the shows below are layering (long and short sleeved tops, like I did as a child???), metallic fabrics (good, good), and fur. I've got to incorporate more (faux) fur in my wardrobe in the future. Big coats seem to be sticking around too, and I'm definitely not mad about it. Here are some shows I've been inspired by:


Miscellaneous Favorites

These are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

Carpe Diem Journal - (from Kieryn I) I've been using this as my 2015 blog and art planner, and it's the best. It's got a suede cover and the paper is thick enough to take a bit of watercolor to. I'm in love.

Polaroid - (from Kieryn II) A photo of myself and Kieryn from this day. It's a great memory, and I keep it in my coin purse/wallet so it's always with me.

Lighter - I always post candles, but what about the thing I use to light them? Kind of important.

The Addams Family Complete Box Set - This is my favorite show, and it was also a 20th birthday gift. Someone actually called me Morticia a few days ago.

Tom Hiddleston Coloring Book - (from Kieryn III) This was my joke birthday/Christmas gift from Kieryn, and it's one of my favorite possessions. I'm probably never actually going to mark in it, but it's funny, and I love it.

Art Box - I'm just calling this an art box. It used to have graphite and charcoal in it, but I decided to fill it with things I actually use more. It's really helping keep me more organized/sane. 

Not Serious Ever

This could've also been titled something else, but it was a mouthful. These were totally accidental, but this is what I do with my day. When I need a break, I'll do something stupid for the camera. I recommend that for everyone. Maybe I'll start taking myself seriously one day. Today however, is for silly photos and sorting things out. Mondays.

Doodle Every Day

Oh wow. Okay. I could be a little more pleased with these but I'm not. I really struggled this week! The first is an example of what happens when I hate what I've done and I have a breakdown. These are not looking good, but I've got to stick with the challenge this year, so here you go.


Lately I've gotten into the habit of only taking photos for planned "blogger" things. No.

Note to self: Remember yourself and what you do.

I hope you're all enjoying your Friday night.


Art Update

It's been a very cold and gray morning, and I've been in love. I'm kind of soaking it up, but the lighting for these photos is probably weird. Though I'm two weeks into my "Doodle Every Day" series, I'm still going to be doing my normal art update posts. I am still working on things that aren't for the daily series that I think are worth mentioning. I think the latest things I've been working on pretty much capture everything lately, and I've been practicing with a new technique that I'm enjoying. It's a good start for 2015.

Favorite Etsy Shops

I don't even know how to go into how much I love Etsy. There are so many talented and creative people, and I'd always prefer supporting independent creatives. I've listed some of my favorite shops that sell things like art, jewelry, clothing, etc. It's all worth checking out, and you can follow my favorite items here if you'd like.

Doodle Every Day

Six days of making new plans for the year and fussing over plants. Some are a bit messy, but that's what it's all about.


Now that I've finished the Photo A Day series, I feel like I can do posts like these again. I'm a lot more comfortable with this again. 

Today has been productive and fairly enjoyable. I promise I managed to actually get dressed in something other than a robe. I think any day where I can work on art with the window open is a decent day, even if I'm freezing. I managed to get loads of photos for other posts taken, and I'm now I'll spend my evening editing and listening to this playlist I made the other day.

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