Miscellaneous Favorites

These are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

Carpe Diem Journal - (from Kieryn I) I've been using this as my 2015 blog and art planner, and it's the best. It's got a suede cover and the paper is thick enough to take a bit of watercolor to. I'm in love.

Polaroid - (from Kieryn II) A photo of myself and Kieryn from this day. It's a great memory, and I keep it in my coin purse/wallet so it's always with me.

Lighter - I always post candles, but what about the thing I use to light them? Kind of important.

The Addams Family Complete Box Set - This is my favorite show, and it was also a 20th birthday gift. Someone actually called me Morticia a few days ago.

Tom Hiddleston Coloring Book - (from Kieryn III) This was my joke birthday/Christmas gift from Kieryn, and it's one of my favorite possessions. I'm probably never actually going to mark in it, but it's funny, and I love it.

Art Box - I'm just calling this an art box. It used to have graphite and charcoal in it, but I decided to fill it with things I actually use more. It's really helping keep me more organized/sane.