February Recap

This month was so different than January, and in the most positive way I can possibly express. I've been learning a lot about myself lately. This is the first full year of my twenties, and I think it finally hit me that I really actually am in control of my life, a lot more than I realized before. I'm learning about taking care of my body, and how the state of my physical being effects my mental being as well. Drinking a lot more water and doing yoga daily has helped so much more than I ever thought it would. I've been so much more inspired, and I've done a lot. I think patience is something I need to remember. Things may be slow, but they're picking up. Keep at it. That goes for everyone.

In addition to my personal dealings, we've actually had winter. Well, it's happening right now, but better late than never. Not really late though. I always say winter happens late here, but isn't that just normal? Isn't it just a normal winter? Why do I say that?

I've been brainstorming a few different larger projects, and I'm getting pretty excited about it. I hadn't really told anyone, but it came out in a conversation a couple nights ago, and it's kind of real. And knowing someone has my back is pretty cool. Oh man though, I've been putting together an amazing playlist for March, you just wait.

Getting Through An Art Block

I spent a pretty good chunk of 2014 stuck in a rut. Art block is no fun, but I've been really productive so far this year. I've got a couple solutions and/or tips for any of you who may be dealing with some kind of creative mind block. Hopefully something here will spark something.

Inspiration - Look for inspiration anywhere. From magazines and the internet, to your surroundings. Go outside, go to a museum or a park, or anywhere really. Get out and look around. Sit somewhere and draw what you see. Take notes. Inspiration is literally everywhere, so go out and find what gets you thinking.

Goals - Set goals or challenges for yourself. Tell yourself you'll create something every day/week/month, whatever that may be. Try prompts! You could sign up for weekly email prompts from Illustration Friday, or I've found a few different sources for anyone who's interested in trying out daily prompts: I, II, III

Remember School - This is more so for anyone who's ever taken an art class in school. It's pretty basic, college isn't necessary here. Think back and remember different little warm ups your teachers might have assigned, and go from there. One I had to do a few times involved drawing a lines or shapes, and creating something different out of the mess.

London Fashion Week Favorites

Where New York Fashion Week may have been more polished, for lack of a better word, London Fashion Week was a lot more fun. I'm talking about colored furry and fuzzy coats and dresses, matching print suits and clashing prints (and the prints they were bold), serious statement pieces, and dramatic cutouts and accents. LFW really brought the drama (ie Simone Rocha and Giles for starters). It was chaos with the right balance of neutral pieces to keep anyone sane. There seemed to be an idea of making winter a lot brighter. Maybe as a way to stay warm? To beat the "winter blues"? Either way, LFW has taught me to play around with my clothes a bit more. Why not? Have fun with it.

Two Months In

Don't forget to bump up the quality!

I've been filming bits over the last couple months, and this is probably my plan, for the rest of the year at least. Watch as I listen to a lot of David Bowie, make things, and obsess over the dogs and the weather. I'm sorry that the blow dryer is so loud. 

Today I am a lot more caught up on things. It's still wintery out, and I've got a couple London Fashion Week illustrations to do. Enjoyable things all around. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Missing Valley of Fire

Here are some unedited photos from January 2014. Though I'm seriously enjoying the frozen weather in Texas right now, I've been missing Valley of Fire for a little while. Maybe next January.

I hope everyone's having a nice day. I'm getting caught up on editing and looking through old art for something. Watch this space. Drink plenty of water. Find something that inspires you today.

Doodle Every Day

After weeks of unseasonably warm (but what is unseasonable here?) weather, we've finally got winter weather! It may be sleet and not snow, but I'm not complaining. I'm inside working, but at least I can sit at my space with the white ground to keep me company. I wish we had more of this, but I'll take what I can get. 

Not the point though. This is about illustrations. I didn't realize it had been two weeks since my last Doodle Every Day post. Weird planning on my part? Anyway, if this project has done anything so far, it's helped me become a lot more comfortable with the colors I use. That's pretty cool.

NYFW FW15 Favorites

So many initials! New York Fall/Winter 15 Fashion Week (there) has ended now, and I've got a lot of favorites. A lot. I am so excited about the knits and the 70's vibes from this week. I am so ready for that now, as I've mentioned before. Yes to sweater dresses and tall boots and floating dresses with big coats. These are the things dreams are made of. I've seen various mixed opinions about this, but it's something I've been getting really into lately anyway. There were also so many cozy knits and boxy, unnatural silhouettes that I've been day dreaming about all week. I think a lot of shows this week featured pieces that would look good on so many different body types, and that's really important. I like to see things that I think would look good on myself and others, instead of thinking "oh, that's nice, but it's for a very small demographic." There were so many silhouettes and fits to play with, and I hope this is a trend that continues throughout the remaining three weeks. Also can we talk about that bright blue that popped up in a few shows (ie I, II, III)? So good.

"Adam Lippes matching floral suit yessssssssssss" (here) --- An actual note of mine. I may not have been in New York, but I've been as on top of it as I possibly can, thank you internet. I started illustrating a few looks, but I had to stop myself early before I fell into a black hole.


Has it been a really long but really quick week for anyone else? I've been dreaming about traveling a lot, like always. Here are some things I've found inspiring/entertaining this week. The last link is just a really perfect video that everyone needs to see. Enjoy yourself this weekend!

Free People Wishlist

Midnight Sun Dress - $198                                                                                  Holly Stripe Cardigan - $168

Stripe Extreme Wideleg - $128                                                                             Hi Rise Flare Pant - $148

First Kiss Dress - $148                                                                                                     Marrakesh Dress - $88

North Star Over the Knee Boot - $348                                                                               Coal Tall Boot - $350

It's no secret I'm in love with Free People. When I went to make my February Wishlist post some weeks ago, I had to stop myself from making everything Free People (though half the items might've been FP anyway), because everything is that good, especially lately. So why not leave these items to a post of their own? It was difficult to narrow down to eight items, but I've done my best. Their prices can be pretty high sometimes, but they do great sales, and they aren't super trendy pieces that'll be useless in no time.

I do not own the images in this post.This is not sponsored. I wish.


So remember when I hinted to a new plant? Yeah, I ended up with two instead. Actually, my brother was kind enough to buy the plants for me (he insisted), and I probably thanked him a million times. I mean, it was maybe ten dollars, but still, I was/am so thrilled I probably annoyed him with my gratitude. They're still adjusting to my space and I'm still learning how to care for them, but I've got five plants now! Five! In this small space! It'll look like an actual garden before I'm through with it.


It's been a few months since my last Currently post. I can say that I did go to the Faces of Impressionism exhibit at the Kimbell, and I still haven't started watching Reign. 

Reading: I hate myself for not reading as much lately. I'm still working through the ASOIAF series, but I've been so busy!

Watching: Portlandia is back, yes! I'm already pretty deep into the list of films I wanted to watch this year too, so look for that in ten months. I think Pride is still my favorite so far. 

Doing: This week I'm working on NYFW illustrations, because I somehow fell into doing that for the NYFW favorites post I'll do here, and I've got some photos to take. Some means a lot. Not mad about it though. I'm still job hunting and being kind of a hermit. Sorry.

Loving: New York Fashion Week, Madewell's The Sounds of Denim playlist, working on the yard and caring for my plants, and ink.


I'll be honest, I had another post planned for today, but it didn't make a lot of sense, so I'm doing this instead. Vague. I use a timer when I do outfit photos, and I set my camera to take ten photos at a time. I also move around a lot, so I have a lot of photos of weird faces or mid-fall reactions like in the last photo. I think it's important to laugh at yourself, and I laughed when I found these. Belle is very impressed, clearly. 

Remember to love yourself first today. 


This week has been so important. Fall/Winter Fashion Month started yesterday, and there are two new Florence + The Machine videos. Something in the air feels old and new.

Rachel Antonoff Fall 15

Now, I've never been to a private school, but that's the vibe I get from this collection. Like if Dead Poets Society was filmed at an all girls school instead. It's fun and youthful, and I'm definitely going to be keeping pieces like this in mind. What a lovely thing to wake up to!

Images belong to Style.com

Art Update

It's been a minute since my last little update! As you can see, I wasn't joking about suddenly being much more productive. I've been working consistently, and it's paying off. I've been dreaming about traveling and moving out somewhere in the mountains, and I'm sure that shows. I've fallen in love with ink. I bought black ink in January, and gold a few days ago. It's great, wow, I get it. I'm having a few issues with the gold though, so I'll probably try another brand in the future, but I've got no complaints about the black. I've been playing around with water and lines too. Good things all around.

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