It's been a few months since my last Currently post. I can say that I did go to the Faces of Impressionism exhibit at the Kimbell, and I still haven't started watching Reign. 

Reading: I hate myself for not reading as much lately. I'm still working through the ASOIAF series, but I've been so busy!

Watching: Portlandia is back, yes! I'm already pretty deep into the list of films I wanted to watch this year too, so look for that in ten months. I think Pride is still my favorite so far. 

Doing: This week I'm working on NYFW illustrations, because I somehow fell into doing that for the NYFW favorites post I'll do here, and I've got some photos to take. Some means a lot. Not mad about it though. I'm still job hunting and being kind of a hermit. Sorry.

Loving: New York Fashion Week, Madewell's The Sounds of Denim playlist, working on the yard and caring for my plants, and ink.