Getting Through An Art Block

I spent a pretty good chunk of 2014 stuck in a rut. Art block is no fun, but I've been really productive so far this year. I've got a couple solutions and/or tips for any of you who may be dealing with some kind of creative mind block. Hopefully something here will spark something.

Inspiration - Look for inspiration anywhere. From magazines and the internet, to your surroundings. Go outside, go to a museum or a park, or anywhere really. Get out and look around. Sit somewhere and draw what you see. Take notes. Inspiration is literally everywhere, so go out and find what gets you thinking.

Goals - Set goals or challenges for yourself. Tell yourself you'll create something every day/week/month, whatever that may be. Try prompts! You could sign up for weekly email prompts from Illustration Friday, or I've found a few different sources for anyone who's interested in trying out daily prompts: I, II, III

Remember School - This is more so for anyone who's ever taken an art class in school. It's pretty basic, college isn't necessary here. Think back and remember different little warm ups your teachers might have assigned, and go from there. One I had to do a few times involved drawing a lines or shapes, and creating something different out of the mess.

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