Farewell April

Color has come back to me this month. In life, in art, in the things I see. I've never felt so optimistic about Spring, and I don't know if it's through art or age. Everything is clean and colorful though, and I'm better for it. This month was full of storms and museums and flowers and friend time. I've remembered how much I appreciate the area I live in, and how much I appreciate Robert Mapplethorpe and The National (and okay Kieryn too). April has been the best month of 2015 so far. I can only hope the rest of the year gets even better.

Doodle Every Day

Here's to unintentionally using a similar color scheme for most of these. I can't complain about this set. I just looked back through (nearly) four full months of these, and they all look pretty good together. I'm really glad this is a thing I'm doing this year. It's like a little illustrated diary to look back on, except I'm putting it all on the internet.

Coveting From Etsy: Lauren Winter Wraparound Jumpsuit

How perfect is this? It looks so versatile and fitting for most seasons. Very pricey, but very important.

*I do not own this image, and this is not sponsored.

Junk Drawer

I think junk drawers and the like are normal things? A catchall space where everything ends up. I recently cleaned mine out, and here are some things I've pulled out.

paper, lighter, wood found in the desert, tea, skin care, mirror

Four Months In

Don't forget to bump the quality up to HD!

Here's my second installment for 2015! I forgot about a lot of these little moments, so they've been nice to relive. It's kind of bizarre that there was still snow on the ground in the beginning of this. I'm really glad I've been doing this so far. I don't think these videos will mean much to anyone but myself, but I love them. I'm getting to revisit some of my favorite bits of this year, and I'll have this with me as a small visual diary forever. I mean, that's what this blog is too, but videos are somehow different. 

PS: Thanks for putting up with my camera Kieryn. Not just that day, but most days we actually see each other. Let's do cool things like this more often. That was the best day.


Happy Weekend!

Illustration Friday: Window

This week's theme is "Window," and it coincidentally kind of fits in with my most recent art update about new spaces. Dark walls like that are a fascination of mine, though it doesn't pair well with my need for an abundance of natural light. I don't know how that would work out. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next theme. Is anyone else doing this too? 

Current Favored Color Scheme

One thing I find myself doing often is picking out color schemes in my surroundings. I'll do it anywhere, from random buildings to plants to bathrooms. It's a hobby. I've been favoring these colors the most lately. I think they're particularly inspired by a series of four paintings in the Kimbell, but they're also the shades I find myself incorporating in my own details more often. Super bright reds and mustard yellows are perfect accents, and dark, elegant shades and pale colors are staples.

Try to pick out nice color schemes around you, wherever you are. It's a lot of fun, and you might find inspiration that way!

Art Update: Spaces

I suppose this update's theme could be "New Spaces." It began a coincidence, but I went with it. I think about moving and decorating homes a lot, what can I say? So, some of these are better than others, but I do feel like my "style" has been evolving a bit throughout the last few weeks or so. I can say I like my own things a lot more than I used to. Work all the time people, it pays off.

On the plus side, I've suddenly acquired better paper, and I've been loving that. I've also got new tube watercolors to try out (thanks Kieryn), and some other things to use for a thing I'm not going to talk about yet. That's fun.

April Showers

I briefly mentioned the rainy Spring weather we've been having here, but here's some photographic evidence. There's something really magic about April, and I've been glued to my camera. These photos are of two or three different days, and each (pretty incredible) storm has been distinguishable from the last. Rainy April is a reminder to appreciate Spring, and I'm definitely swooning.

Doodle Every Day

I'm so much more pleased with these than the illustrations from the last couple weeks. Things are really looking up right now you guys, and it's showing. It's all the allergies and the new bras and the coffee. I've had a really inspiring/encouraging post-museum, rainy Spring, color everywhere kind of week. Here's to this one going as well.

Weekend Film Recommendations

I've been keeping up with last year's tradition of keeping track of every film I've watched this year. (I'm in the forties already!)  In case any of you have been looking for a film to watch this weekend, I'll leave a few recommendations from this year's list so far. I hope you find something you enjoy!


Enjoy your weekend!

Illustration Friday: Soft

I felt a bit stumped with this week's theme. Something that simple was pretty difficult to come up with, but after an all night illustration binge, I was left with this. It's a soft color scheme, and something that makes me feel calm. It works. 

Art Supply Wishlist

I'm always looking for different brands and mediums to work with, and I've had my eye on this list of things for awhile. Most of these I want to try out of pure curiosity, the hoop is something I need ASAP, and I just miss having a paper cutter around. It was so useful.

Doodle Every Day

This went much better than last time. I'm in a better place, and I'm dreaming.

April 12, 2015 / I Love The Modern

I haven't done a daily post like this in awhile. Brace yourselves.

Yesterday was incredible. The most incredible day I've had in awhile. Kieryn and I decided to spend some time at a couple museums in Fort Worth. We went to The Modern first, and I'm still not completely over it. I've lived in the area for so long, and I've never been to The Modern before. The first floor was amazing, so inspiring, but after we figured out there was more to be seen upstairs, I lost it. 

To start, you need to know that Robert Mapplethorpe and The National are two of my favorite things on any given day. Now picture myself and an equally stunned Kieryn standing in front of a Robert Mapplethorpe self portrait while The National is playing in the space directly behind it. We stood there for quite awhile. Now picture the two of us discovering that the exhibit behind the wall was actually The National playing Sorrow (live) over and over, I mean continuously without stopping, for six hours straight. I've got no clue how long we watched, and I don't think my heart has ever been so full.

Afterwards, we spent a bit of time in the Kimbell. I was feet away from a Monet and that sealed the deal for today. We sat outside by the water for awhile while I doodled and took photos, and Kieryn wrote, and we both watched the people walking around. 

We ended the day driving around back roads and visiting an old local cemetery. I haven't been in years, and Kieryn had never been ever. It was beautiful outside and I really remembered why I love living in the country. Everything is so peaceful and inspiring.

Again, my heart has never been so full.

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