April 12, 2015 / I Love The Modern

I haven't done a daily post like this in awhile. Brace yourselves.

Yesterday was incredible. The most incredible day I've had in awhile. Kieryn and I decided to spend some time at a couple museums in Fort Worth. We went to The Modern first, and I'm still not completely over it. I've lived in the area for so long, and I've never been to The Modern before. The first floor was amazing, so inspiring, but after we figured out there was more to be seen upstairs, I lost it. 

To start, you need to know that Robert Mapplethorpe and The National are two of my favorite things on any given day. Now picture myself and an equally stunned Kieryn standing in front of a Robert Mapplethorpe self portrait while The National is playing in the space directly behind it. We stood there for quite awhile. Now picture the two of us discovering that the exhibit behind the wall was actually The National playing Sorrow (live) over and over, I mean continuously without stopping, for six hours straight. I've got no clue how long we watched, and I don't think my heart has ever been so full.

Afterwards, we spent a bit of time in the Kimbell. I was feet away from a Monet and that sealed the deal for today. We sat outside by the water for awhile while I doodled and took photos, and Kieryn wrote, and we both watched the people walking around. 

We ended the day driving around back roads and visiting an old local cemetery. I haven't been in years, and Kieryn had never been ever. It was beautiful outside and I really remembered why I love living in the country. Everything is so peaceful and inspiring.

Again, my heart has never been so full.