April Playlist

This one is a little shorter than others, but it is no less great. I've been going back through numerous other playlists I've put together for inspiration, so a few songs may be repeats, but they're even better mixed in with the new one's I've found for this month. I hope you have some fun with this!

Unfortunately, Spotify seems to have gotten rid of their playlist embedding feature. If anyone knows what's up, please let me know. However, I can still leave the track list and a link to listen to it all here.

Like a Rolling Stone // Bob Dylan
Ziggy Stardust // David Bowie
Say My Name (ft. Zyra) // ODESZA
What Ever Happened // The Strokes
Tangible Intangible // Fly Golden Eagle
Just To Make Me Feel Good // Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
Budapest // George Ezra
Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) // Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Technicolour Beat // Oh Wonder
Are You What You Want To Be? // Foster The People
Sea Creatures // SOAK
Piledriver Waltz // Arctic Monkeys
St. Jude // Florence + The Machine
REALiTi // Grimes
The Oldest Of Sisters // Balthazar
Two Weeks // Grizzly Bear
Spiraling // Keane
Closer Than This // St. Lucia

Again, you can listen to the playlist here!

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