Notes From The Work Space

I don't even understand time lately. There have been a lot of personal things going on lately, and my focus wasn't completely here. I feel like I've been a bit absent without meaning to be. However, everything should go back to normal now that I've noticed. (Though I'm not sure if anyone else has?)

Other issues aside, I've been working on a few new ideas for the blog. I've already got this month (plus some) completely planned out because the ideas have been coming nonstop, which is great. I've started doing Illustration Friday posts (though I could've started at a better time, I admit). My illustrations have taken over this space, which is what I ultimately wanted, but sometimes it's a bit hard. With the Doodle Every Day series, I've been making sure to include everything, meaning illustrations I'm not so proud of are included as well, because that's how creativity works. Not everything is the best.

I've also been thinking of more personal style posts I can do. I can't even remember the last time I went shopping for something new, but I'm trying to reuse what I've already got in new ways. I've gotten rid of a few things and I'm thinking about altering a few others. It's a work in progress, but those posts aren't going anywhere. Personal style and art are my two favorite things, and I'm going to continue to make them work together here.

Let's not be strangers anymore.