May Recap

Even though I feel like this month has been nothing but storms, it definitely hasn't. May has been the busiest month of 2015 so far, and in the best way possible. Kieryn and I went to a botanical garden (and we still have so much to go back and see) (I, II). We also spent an evening at a local festival, which was so much fun. I've found so much inspiration in various things, and I've been working non-stop. I was thinking last month about college, and how I was so bummed about not going for so long because I wanted to be able to make art every day. I'm doing that now though, and it was a pretty strong revelation. 

The storms though. I love storms, but this has got to stop. Come on Texas. I've got some of it filmed, so look for that next month.

I hope May was good to you as well.


Lots of travel this week, enjoy!

No but really. I'm not over the last one.

Illustration Friday: Melt

With the theme "melt," of course I painted a candle. This is inspired by the candle that is now sitting in my windowsill, which could be dangerous but ya'know, might as well set the atmosphere right. I am slightly worried it'll start to melt over like the illustration though. I don't think candle wax would be very healthy for the plant sitting just underneath. Anyway, I started hated this when it was drying on my desk, but I can enjoy it more seeing it on my screen. It doesn't look so bad. I'm trying to vary my technique a bit. Still on the fence a little.


I haven't played around with salt and watercolor in a few years. I kind of got the idea some weeks ago to try it out again, though I didn't get around to it until this week. It's pretty fun, and I like the effect left when the salt soaks up the water and pigment. I might try to mess around with this some more in the future. There has to be a way to soak a lot of water at once without clumping the salt into stiff peaks on the paper. I'll figure it out.

I think I prefer the top piece over the bottom. What do you think?

Yarn Hangings

I've seen wall hangings everywhere for the last year or so, and I thought I'd take a stab at it. I've been wanting more detail in my work space, so this is what I've come up with. I used yarn that I already had stored away and some copper wire I bought months ago though I had no use for it. Clearly I found one. I really like how they turned out, but I'm still not completely sure where I want them to hang. I'll play around with different walls I suppose. Like I said yesterday, never doubt what you can make yourself.

Doodle Every Day

This week has flown by, and I hardly remember it. I know I've been busy with other artistic endeavors, and I was really ill for a few days. It's Memorial Day today, and we're having a cookout. I'm not sure yet who all "we" are, as a couple people may have to leave ASAP to avoid storms. This season has been insane you guys. It's pretty dangerous now. 

Anyway, I hope everyone does something enjoyable today, wherever you are in the world.

5.19 - Delilah

May Flowers

All of these April (and May) showers have definitely brought the flowers. They're everywhere, and I'm in love.

(This is at home, I'm lucky. Plant flowers you guys.)

A Spring Festival

This was a really lovely, quick afternoon last Friday. Kieryn picked me up after she was off work, and we popped over to this Main Street Festival. We actually found a band we enjoyed watching, and we were probably really annoying with big cameras around our necks. We rode the Ferris wheel after the sun went down, which was a first for me. We ended the night with milkshakes and loud music. I don't know how to put the evening into words, but it was so nice. Nice, nice, nice. I filmed a bit from the night, so wait for that next month.

You have to check out Kieryn's version of this post. It's so much better than this one. She made everything into really dreamy gifs, and it looks amazing. Take a peak here.


Happy Weekend!

Illustration Friday: Pet

I've been a tad bit stressed this week (this weekend will be interesting), so I wanted to keep this week's Illustration Friday piece a bit cute and simple. Enjoy some colorful dogs. Dogs dogs dogs.

Illustration Every Hour: May 19, 2015

This was a mundane example of what I do day to day that took a turn because of tornado season. If you weren't aware, there's an entire chunk of the United States called "Tornado Alley," and Texas is in it. We're basically prone to tornadoes and pretty severe storms this time of year, though I can't recall a season this active in years. A tornado hit the town I used to live in this night, and it was pretty bizarre seeing the coverage on the news. It's a small town that isn't talked about very much. The lightning storm above my house was like nothing I've ever seen before. I stood outside for awhile, and I had no words (other than "bizarre," which I sent to Kieryn over and over). What a weird night.

As I was saying though, everything else is a pretty accurate representation of what my daily routine has been lately. Wake up tired, work on the blog and art (which completely makes up for the tired), brush the dogs, maintain the house, etc. It's life.

Influences: Madeline

Madeline was my favorite cartoon/book character as a child. I have more memories of watching the show than reading the books, but I've been informed of my love for both. It's not too surprising, is it? I think it triggered something in my child brain to hold a love for travel, and France in this case, as I grew older. There are plenty of other life lessons learned from the small girls as well. It's something that's come full circle, especially with age and even while adopting illustration styles. Even now I find myself watching the children's show on YouTube as I work. It's still cute and creative and inspiring as a twenty year old. Why not?

Image from Google Search

Doodle Every Day

Again, these look like a small collection, like they go together. I didn't do this on purpose, but I don't mind one bit. I struggled a little bit with unsteady hands Friday night and Saturday morning, but it's fine, and I kept it because this project is about accepting flaws. I say this every other post, but I'm really just reassuring myself as I type. The Ferris wheel was pretty fun, though Kieryn's going to have to struggle to get me on one even bigger. Good luck. 


Round II of outfit photo outtakes. It's too easy to look like an idiot.

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