Botanical Garden Pt. I

If there were ever two girls who wholly loved plants, Kieryn and I would be those girls. We spent a few hours hanging out in gardens on Monday, and it was very nice. So nice that I don't even mind the sunburn my forehead's been sporting. This post had to be split in two because I went kind of photo happy, as per usual. There were too many goodies, so here are the indoor photos, aka my favorites. I've never actually been in a legitimate conservatory/greenhouse, but I day dream about them a lot, and I was not disappointed. I'd like my own one day. A girl can dream. It was magic though. If you have access to one, spend as much time in it as possible. Nurture your plants. Or don't, if they're not into that.

I'll probably be going back in a couple weeks with some family. Expect more photos from one of my favorite places in Texas (or the world).


  1. These photos turned out so nice. Let's go back soon x


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