Illustration Every Hour: May 19, 2015

This was a mundane example of what I do day to day that took a turn because of tornado season. If you weren't aware, there's an entire chunk of the United States called "Tornado Alley," and Texas is in it. We're basically prone to tornadoes and pretty severe storms this time of year, though I can't recall a season this active in years. A tornado hit the town I used to live in this night, and it was pretty bizarre seeing the coverage on the news. It's a small town that isn't talked about very much. The lightning storm above my house was like nothing I've ever seen before. I stood outside for awhile, and I had no words (other than "bizarre," which I sent to Kieryn over and over). What a weird night.

As I was saying though, everything else is a pretty accurate representation of what my daily routine has been lately. Wake up tired, work on the blog and art (which completely makes up for the tired), brush the dogs, maintain the house, etc. It's life.