May Recap

Even though I feel like this month has been nothing but storms, it definitely hasn't. May has been the busiest month of 2015 so far, and in the best way possible. Kieryn and I went to a botanical garden (and we still have so much to go back and see) (I, II). We also spent an evening at a local festival, which was so much fun. I've found so much inspiration in various things, and I've been working non-stop. I was thinking last month about college, and how I was so bummed about not going for so long because I wanted to be able to make art every day. I'm doing that now though, and it was a pretty strong revelation. 

The storms though. I love storms, but this has got to stop. Come on Texas. I've got some of it filmed, so look for that next month.

I hope May was good to you as well.