Eyeing Swimwear

I haven't purchased a swimsuit since I was a child. So I suppose I've never purchased one. I did not purchase a swimsuit as a child. I haven't owned one as a child. There. Anyway, I was too emo for swimming as a teenager, and last year I just borrowed one all summer. This year, I'd rather not. I've been casually browsing for the last month or so in preparation, and I've become fairly fond of one pieces. They're classic, and I wouldn't have to put sunscreen on my stomach. I'm saving money in a way. This is what I've found, though let's be real, I'm not paying $100 (or more) for a swimsuit. Nope. It's pretty easy to find swimwear knockoffs anyway.


  1. I find swimwear such a nightmare to buy as sizes really do vary. These are such cute swimsuits :) I particularly like the last one Xx


    1. I agree, it's not the most fun thing in the world to do. I never understand how people have so many swimsuits at a time. I think I like the last one more and more every time I see it!


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