Illustration Friday: Monster

I kind of turned this week's theme into a joke. Instead of a typical storybook monster, I've thrown out an idea that I'm guilty of. This is a ballet monster. This is the person that sees a ballet and thinks "I can definitely do that." Then they try it out and it's just a jumble of limbs and falling. I am not good at ballet, I am not good at mediocre "ballet." I wish. In another life maybe.

I recently watched a little ballet documentary program on YouTube, and it made me want to try (for the millionth time). It's just bad. I shouldn't. I took a dance class in high school, and there was a ballet portion, and my teacher happened to be an actual ballerina. Still didn't work. I was able to pull off a few bits of the lessons, but my dreams of starting ballet as a teenager were crushed.

I'm still debating on adult classes though. I'm pretty adamant about this. It'll never end.


  1. All of your illustrations are so good! You have serious talent! x


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