Kind Of Outrageous Bag Wishlist

I recently came into a hand-me-down Coach bag (not mad about it), so I don't really need a new bag, but they're so fun to look at. They're so expensive too. The prices of the Chloé and Saint Laurent bags make even the Tory Burch seem like a bargain. A girl can dream. Though I may try sometimes, I can never seem to pull myself away from large black bags. They're very important, though a statement clutch would be nice every once in awhile. However, I need something big enough to fit a sketchbook and DSLR most of the time. Priorities.


  1. I know how you feel as much as I love clutchs, they aren't going to fit my camera, notebook, book etc. ! x

    1. They're so nice, but so inconvenient!


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