Since I began to regularly post my artwork on my blog, I've combined my abstract paintings and my illustrations into one post. One could argue that they're all illustrations, but for the sake of my own opinion and how I feel about my own work, I think I'm going to start separating them. I love my illustrations, and they're really fun to create, but there's something very cathartic about just taking paint to paper and seeing what happens. This is what I do when I'm stressed or upset, or even when I'm having a creative block illustration wise. In a dream future (hopefully not too far off), I'll be able to have a space to spend time creating large scale paintings, much, much larger than these. It's a comforting process and something that let's me (metaphorically) step back and remember other aspects of art that I love so much. It gets difficult to remember the love sometimes. Though I'm very lucky and fortunate that I get to spend my time creating, and even though I stubbornly told teachers and extended family members that I would do the "starving artist thing" (it's something I've stuck to my entire life), it get to be a bit much sometimes. But what would I do without art? What would I be without it?