Resort 2016 Favorites

I honestly wasn't planning on doing this post, but why not? I do posts for the main massive fashion month, so I might as well do this too. Honestly, I've never focused on/payed attention to Resort Week like I have this year. More than a few shows have sparked my interest. It's been fun, because there's no set weather type. These could be pieces for cold places or tropical getaways. It's all over the place, I love it. Bold prints and bright colors are blowing up, and though they're not something I'd personally go for, I can respect the art of it. And the pajama set look? All about it. I've strayed from the "bohemian"/70's trend (it never lasts) regarding my own style choices, and I'm gone back to my well loved personal staples, and just in time it seems. Here's what I've been daydreaming about:

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