Six Months In

Note: loud noises and flashing lights

This video is honestly a train wreck. A happy for me, maybe not so much for you, train wreck. I mentioned in the recap post that May was very good to me. Here's proof. Some of it's horrible quality, but the memories are the most important. May gave me so much happiness, and June evened me right out. Not that it hasn't had it's happy moments. It's jut been much more mundane and filled with personal issues, so I don't have as much interesting footage. As I've been saying, these are little moments that I've found peace in, whether it appears interesting to others or not. That being said, I do want these to be somewhat enjoyable for you too. I'm working on it, but I'm not the best in the film gang (and neither is my camera). I'm better with photos, but I'm still trying my damnedest. 

May had some trouble too though. The floods. May doesn't get off completely free.

Some moments: botanical garden (I, II), festival


  1. The video is truly lovely and your dog is adorable! x

  2. Duuuuuuude. Yes. That was so great and lovely and it makes me miss our summer vlogs and makes me miss you in general like wow, I didn't see you at all in June. That's weird. But that was amazing! So peaceful and appropriate and simple and just ugh, yes. I'm proud of you x

    1. Hey thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it bc you're in it a lot. I miss the vlogs too. Tell your boss or whoever that you need to hang out with me.


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