What I Put On My Face

If you've been reading awhile (or maybe it's just easy to pick up), I'm not much of a beauty person. I haven't even done a post involving makeup in six months. It's not that I don't like makeup and skincare, I just never even know where to start. I like to keep my routine as simple as possible. This is what I'm honestly working with right now, though I'll be changing a few things soon. 

After I wash my face, I moisturize with a gel formula (I think it's time for that to go though), and dab some eye cream under my eyes and on the corners of my mouth. I fill in my eyebrows with a pencil and go over them with a clear mascara (cheaper than eyebrow gel and basically the same), and I usually opt for a cat eye and some mascara on my top lashes. I do know that I won't be buying this NYX mascara again. I really enjoyed their waterproof mascara, but the one I'm using now doesn't cut it. I can't layer on more than one coat, and it flakes off throughout the day. I'd also like to find a nice pot of a perfect brown eye shadow for under my eyes. That's something I use to do a lot, and I've got an old massive pallet of shades, but it is a few years old and I'd like to cut down on my clutter. I should mention as well that I've got a few different lip shades I flirt with that aren't pictured. That's about it you guys. 


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