Favorite Films I've Seen For The First Time In 2015 Part I

I've accidentally turned this week into a list post week. Blame poor (?) planning.

You may remember that I did a post about all the films I watched in 2014. I'd planned on doing the same this year. However, I've already managed to surpass last years number of 44 with 63 (how?!), so I'm going to split this into two posts (look for the second in December). Because I've seen so many movies already this year, I'm going to go ahead and leave out the ones I didn't really care for. It's not important. I'll be linking each title to the respective IMDB page in case anyone wants to check anything out. Some are a bit silly, but I recommend all of these, so run wild. 


  1. I too watched Atonement this year and plan on reading the book now. The cinematography is so gorgeous especially the shots of the war contrasting those of the english countryside but the ending was so damn sad even though I already knew how it ended! x

    1. I've got to read the book. It's a gorgeous film and the end pretty much killed me.


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