Green Eyes

Or green eye makeup, I should say.

I'd honestly originally planned on doing an Illustration Every Hour post, but yesterday I woke up with pretty intense neck pain that kept me from doing anything. Instead, have my face from two days ago. I haven't played around with makeup in months. I usually can't be bothered. However, I was feeling adventurous (and by adventurous, I mean I woke up really early and had some spare time), and this happened. It was a train wreck, but it was kind of fun. If I tried colored liquid eyeliner instead of cream shadow, I might be tempted to pull this out in the future.

(probably not)


  1. That looks so cool though if I attempted it there would probably be a green scrawl across my face. x

    1. Ha! Thanks, though it pretty much just is a green scrawl across my face. I just go with it.


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