August Wishlist

Right now I'm going through a bit of a beige and black bug. I find myself pairing the two neutrals together pretty much every day without really thinking about it. I've also been infatuated with a few denim pieces, but that can pretty much be covered in my recent ACxAG post. I know there's still another month (or more, whatever) of Summer, but I'm already gone style-wise. There's not really a point in looking for more Summer ideas, and every website is full of Fall/Winter pieces now. It's hardly my fault.

It is my fault.

Right now, I'm looking at things that have the ability of looking put together and "chic," but also carefree and simple. I'm also really wanting to experiment with different materials. Texture's where it's at. I think the pieces above could definitely fall into all of the above categories. Mission accomplished.

Row I

Row II


  1. Everything you've picked is so gorgeous! x


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