Camera Supply/Accessory Wishlist

This is kind of a follow up to my recent Camera post.

Anyone who's really into cameras is probably just as into camera accessories, and I am no exception. It's always fun to have little tools to alter your photos or help you in some way. I personally still just use my kit lens, as I've mentioned before, and though I stand by it, I'm really interested in trying other lenses. These two (top row) have caught my eye, though they're crazy expensive. I also mentioned before that I need film, and I've found multi-packs on Amazon, and I'm all about that. The ring light seems to be my favorite after spending some time researching. The light seems the most natural, and it's still pretty simple. I like to use natural light most of the time, but I've only got a small window of good light every day. The last pick is the waterproof DSLR case, because how cool is that?

Is there anything you've been looking for?

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