Eight Months In

The last clip in this video accurately represents my relationship with July and August: thorny. This video is definitely lacking the life of the previous videos from 2015. Summer honestly kills me, and I haven't been in the filming mood. I've spent most of my time indoors (bad habit, I know), pretending it isn't hot enough to fry an egg on the patio outside. I promise I've been just as productive with every other artistic outlet in my life though. I've been taking photos and illustrating and painting a ton. I've even been using Instagram more. I could film myself painting all day, but I don't think about it in the moment. That might be something to consider.

Basically, this is a short video because I don't like Summer, and there was nothing I wanted to keep. There was no spark. I considered skipping the upload this month, and instead throwing three months together, but it didn't happen. My favorite time of year is just on the horizon though, so that's looking hopeful. I hope you enjoy this nonetheless. 


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