Home Workspace Essentials

After spending a full year in a productive working space, I've been able to figure out what makes it work for me and what doesn't. Here are my opinions on what is important:

I'm talking about lighting and smells. I personally prefer natural light during the day, and lamp light by night. Natural light is a lot softer and sparks creativity during the day. Lamp light also sparks creativity, but it's also very cozy and comfortable. It makes me think of Winter and happiness.

Smells are also pretty important. Consider candles or a candle wax melter. I prefer clean, nature and/or laundry like smells during Spring and Summer, and seasonal scents like pumpkin and/or cinnamon during Fall and Winter. The right scent genuinely will affect your state of mind.

This is pretty easy. If you're a music person, listen while you work. Preferably something that inspires you. While taking a break because you're distracted by your favorite song is completely fine every once in awhile, I'd recommend sticking to a playlist you can stay on track with. 

Make sure you're sitting on something that can give you the support your body needs. A sore back is no one's friend. My desk chair is pretty beaten up, and though it's initial purpose was for studying at a desk (long before it came into my possession), it's horrible on my body. I've taken to keeping a pillow on the seat and against the back. It's not the cutest thing, but it keeps my motivation going a lot longer.

I also like to keep Midol nearby, in case any cramps or headaches pop up. Water is very important too. You're going to be horribly uncomfortable if you're dehydrated. 

It's a good idea to surround yourself with things that inspire you, no matter what specific task you're working on. I like to keep magazines and coffee-table books on my desk. Obviously the internet is a resource as well, but having something physical with you is a nice touch.

Obviously the most important thing. Make sure you're well stocked on what you need before you get too lost in your work. I always forget to bring the fresh paint water back from the sink. I'll learn some day.

What are your workspace essentials?


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