Remember To Care For You

Self care is really important. I think a lot of us get too caught up in everything that may be going on, and taking time for yourself gets thrown aside. You should be your first priority. It's something that I personally forget all the time. Here are a few simple recommendations I've got about taking care of yourself:

- It's okay to spend time alone. Don't feel pressured to spend all your time with people. Being alone is really important. Really get to know yourself. However, try to be social when you feel like you can. Human interaction is more important than you think.

- Take time to read a book, drink some tea, take a nap, watch a film. Enjoy yourself. Try to do this every week, if you can't every day.

- Drink plenty of water. I mention this all the time, but it's always important. You'll feel better when you've gotten into the routine of drinking more.

- Exercise. Really. Do yoga or go for a run. Be active somehow. Push yourself. Don't have the mindset that getting exercise means trying to lose weight. Do it to feel good.

Ultimately, you know yourself better than I do, or anyone else for that matter. Listen to your body, and take care of yourself mentally and physically. 


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    1. Good, I'm glad! Thank you for the comment!


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