Farewell September

This is a difficult one.

I thought August was bad. September has done me in. I'm leaving this month both skeptical and hopeful. This has been one of the hardest months in a long time. So many things I've known have been completely uprooted and thrown away. I've experienced a major loss, the first one to tear me up, which is unfair because I've experienced loss before. But I don't want to get too into it. I don't want to be so negative. I can't be too negative.

I've spent the end of this month looking at where I am and what surrounds me. Nature is such a big part of my life, even more so as I get older. Driving through the country in Fall with wild lavender everywhere is something I used to take for granted, but this month, it served as a source of comfort. I truly love and appreciate where I am, though I've still got a constant nagging telling me to uproot myself and run off to some place I've only ever seen in movies.

I've made a major self realization, one that I'm not yet comfortable talking about outright on the internet, primarily because I don't really think it's necessary. I've learned that I cope with things by isolating myself. I missed my brother when he went home, and gave him a hug. We've never been that way, unfortunately, but we're both adults, and we're changing. It's strange. Though my fifteen year old cousin told me I still act like a sixteen year old (to which I maturely replied, "well, you're twelve"). We kid, he's like another brother.

I'm not sure what else to say. This is a really sappy, personal post. I've done quite a few of those lately, but I'm a bit raw right now. So I want to move on with this post. Bring on October, and real Fall, and the holiday season. Bring on my favorite time of year, and the rest of Paris Fashion Week, and life getting better for everyone.


September Favorites

1. I've successfully made pumpkin bread for the first time.
2. Walking barefoot outside, which is a favored past time.
3. Dancing outside in long dresses to F+TM. (always)
4. Leaves changing colors
5. Pumpkin candles
6. Fashion Month (of course)

These are nearly all Fall themed, surely this isn't a surprise. What did you love in September?

Illustration Every Hour #5

After a pretty hectic couple of weeks, I decided to allow myself a lazy Saturday. Naturally this involved illustrations and falling into YouTube holes a few times. I decided to switch up the layout of my Illustration Every Hour posts, and I like the way this flows a lot more. I think the color scheme was unintentional, but this is what I was feeling/doing.

So much of my time is taken up by Fashion Month. I mean, not really, I wish a lot more of my time was taken up by it, but keeping up with the shows everyday, though I seriously love it, has left very little room in my head for much else. It's fun though. It's also sparking ideas, so win win. My small illustration break (other than the daily ones, obviously) is coming to an end. Taking more time seems to work for me.


I also have a quick question: What are your thoughts on blogging every day, vs blogging only every weekday (possibly more than one post on the weekdays instead)? I'm very curious about this.

Wanting To Try Herbivore Botanicals

I recently stumbled across Herbivore Botanicals while browsing Etsy at night, as one does, and I was immediately interested. Their shop announcement reads: 

"Truly 100% natural skin care, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no animal products, no parabens, no SLS, no unnatural preservatives are used in any of our products. We are also a vegan and cruelty free company. All products are small batch and handcrafted in our studio in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. "

This all sounds fantastic. I've been really wanting to get into using natural oils on my skin. It's so sensitive, and I go through tons of moisturizer, so I've been a bit curious. Using natural products sounds so freeing and uplifting, and definitely like something I want in my life. I'll be looking into this (oils, brands, etc) some more. Regarding the shop however, they've actually got products categorized by skin type, which is really helpful, and a big bonus for a novice like myself. Check it out, let me know what you think.

I don't know, is it a bad blogger thing to do if I haven't actually used the brand? I wouldn't think so. I don't spin around in Erdem dresses, but I'll mention them anyway. How does the beauty world work?

This is not a sponsored post. All credit goes to Herbivore Botanicals.

I'm styling pieces from PPZ Lingerie on Polyvore right now. Check those out here.

LFW Spring '16 Favorites

Though the idea of ease traveled across the Atlantic, London brought more theatrics, which was completely expected. I was far from let down. I actually enjoyed the London shows this season more than I have in awhile. There were so many collections full of long dresses with crazy cuts and ruffles and other details. I spent the week day dreaming about wearing said dresses and dancing in a field somewhere I've only ever seen in photos. This week actually made me feel so inspired by Spring. It's no secret that I favor the cooler seasons, but something about Spring is inspiring anyway. Summer may have put me off of any non-coat weather, but London healed me. I'll see you on the other side March.

Also, are off the shoulder cuts going to be a thing again? I'm going to have to miss out on that. Confetti seems like a thing too, but I'm all about confetti. The more, the merrier. Anyway, I've listed my favorite shows below, as usual. What were your favorites from London?

I don't own the images in this post. All credit goes to Vogue Runway.

I'm styling pieces from PPZ Lingerie on Polyvore right now. Check those out here.

Hit Refresh

I mentioned on Tuesday that my life is really hectic right now. Any creative will agree that life translates in your art. I've been in a weird place with my illustrations lately. I don't hate them, but I'm not satisfied, and I'm bored of the characters I've been drawing for years. Instead of falling into a complete slump, I decided to step back for a few days and breathe. I thought about what I wanted to do, and what I wanted from my work. 

I really want to work on some oil and acrylic paintings through Fall and Winter. I don't sit down with those mediums enough, because (obviously) watercolor is preferred. I'm not sure what style exactly, but I haven't really sat down in my floor with smelly paint all over my arms and legs in awhile. I also want to focus on quality over quantity. This is something that I always try to live by, but I had fallen into a routine of trying to do a specific amount of pieces for a specific time frame. It would've made perfect sense if I was on a timeline for jobs, but this was all on me.

As I type this, I'm asking myself why I'm saying all of this in a post. Take it as a diary entry. Take it as honesty. I don't know. Fall is like a breath of fresh air to me, and I feel like I can start over. I can handle things.

I'm styling pieces from PPZ Lingerie on Polyvore right now. Check those out here.

Fall/Winter '15 Mood Board

Fall is officially here and I can breathe again! To celebrate, I figured I couldn't go wrong by sharing my favorite details from some of my favorite Fall/Winter 2015 collections. I can now shamelessly indulge in warm pieces, and my favorite combination of long dresses and oversized sweaters. I'm also so serious about ghost chic. Maybe it's October on the horizon, maybe I watch too many vampire films, but I'm so into it. Give me a serious expression and a sheer dress any day. I've numbered off each photo and marked the corresponding detail below.

What are you loving for Fall?

*I do not own the photos in this post. All credit goes to Vogue Runway.


Grey Blue & Black - Pink Circle by Georgia O'Keeffe

Waterfall by Henrietta Shore

Miss Blanche by Shiro Kuramata

Carlton Room Divider by Ettore Sottsass Jr.

Where are you, Edison...? (Wo bist du, Edison...?) by Ingo Maurer

This is the last bit of my trip to the Dallas Museum of Art (nearly a month ago), and it's bittersweet. Everything in this post is from the twentieth century, and it was the last chunk of art we managed to see before it was too late, because the gift shop is a must, and it was almost closing time. Really though, I could buy so many books from art museum gift shops. They're a favorite of mine. Anyway, like I keep saying: if you're in Dallas, visit this museum. Everything I've posted about is free, and there's so much more to see (also free). I need to go again. If I do, expect to see photos.

What's your favorite museum?

Doodle Every Day

This batch of illustrations is brought to you by runway, Autumn prep, and stress.

Here's the thing: this project is practically a diary. I've mentioned good days and days so shit I couldn't be bothered to write anything to accompany the illustration at all. I'm on month nine (and nearly through it anyway), and the aforementioned good days and bad days formula is pretty obvious, to myself at least. 

What am I saying? Basically, my life is very crazy right now (not the good crazy, unfortunately), and I have no clue how to handle it. I'm not going any further than that, because I have to draw the line between blog life and real life. Blog posts are going nowhere. I love doing this blog so much, and I love creating so much, and a stressful personal life won't take me away from that. But in case anyone else has picked up on the formula lately, I'm sorry. It's insane.

Also, I apologize for the weird colored paper used for the last four illustrations. It's too thin sketchbook paper because I wasn't thinking. Roll on Wednesday (and Fall!) please...

Current Color Scheme

I just want to be surrounded by bold Autumnal shades and light, calming tones.


I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend.

NYFW Spring '16 Favorites

I'm not here to delegate the latest trends. I'm not here to tell you what to wear. I'm here to talk about things I liked about New York Fashion Week, which is a lot. Personally, I was really drawn to the ease of quite a few collections. I can happily get behind airy, worn in materials and neutral colors. I love that the skirts and dresses were longer, and the trouser legs were wider. These aren't necessarily things I think I can pull off, but we'll see. They look great on others nonetheless. The theme I pulled out from my favorite collections (below) is escapism. I don't know if this makes sense outside of my own mind, but I felt a sense of getting away, of running off to another land (country or something) and spending some time alone. Of meeting strangers and laughing. I specifically have a note that says "wake up and go twirl in the garden," because I think I live in a fairy tale. Sure. This was so enjoyable though. Bring on London...

*This is not sponsored. I do not own the photos in this post. All credit goes to Vogue Runway.


The Seine at Lavacourt by Claude Monet

Water Lilies by Claude Monet

River Bank in Springtime by Vincent Van Gogh

Water Lilies by Claude Monet

This is where I lost my mind over Monet and Van Gogh. This was later during the visit, though the first photo was one of the first I took, and I forgot to get the names of the sculptures/artist(s). This is, not surprisingly, my favorite photo set from this visit. I wish I could walk into these paintings and hide there forever. But alas, I cannot. Another part of me wants to go back to the DMA and sit in this room for hours. I'd end up falling asleep perfectly happy. I probably shouldn't do that either. But at least I'll always have this post...

Coveting: Melissa Joy Manning

Two coveting posts this week. Hello.

I have to admit something. I'm kind of a jewelry snob. I only look at quality/fine jewelry. I do have a reason though! I have extremely sensitive skin. I can only wear gold and sterling silver in piercings (yes, just my ears right now, queue sobbing about teenage Amber's nose ring, I still miss it), and anything else instantly hurts. The rest of my skin breaks out with prolonged contact to any other costume jewelry. So I'm a snob. Sorry guys. 

This means that I don't actually own much jewelry, and I'm totally okay with that. I like to keep things simple anyway, but it's still fun to look for more. No harm comes from looking at it. "It" in particular being dainty rings and odd earrings. Above are some Melissa Joy Manning pieces I stumbled across the other night. I've got serious heart eyes. Do you see anything you like?

*This is not a sponsored post. I do not own the images in this post. All credit goes to Melissa Joy Manning and Net-A-Porter.

Set Illustrations

I didn't plan this very well. I posted fantastic (obviously museum worthy) paintings, and now I'm going to talk about my own little doodles. 

I've been heavily influenced by an excessive amount of denim, Autumn (obviously), and NYFW. Also layering and a lot of Madewell. I decided to switch up my routine with these illustrations. Actually, I wanted to show the first illustration with and without the stole, so I did both, and I figured I should do the others that way as well. I think it worked. I'm a little rough with these lately. I haven't been drawing characters (or versions of myself) very much in the last month or so. I haven't been feeling it as much. I'm still drawing and painting constantly, but not the usual. Or I have a new usual... 

I'm rambling. Enjoy your day.


The Abduction of Europa by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre

Our Daily Bread (Le Pain Quotidien) by René Magritte // Family of Darius Before Alexander by Francesco Salvator Fontebasso

Woman Bathing by Francois Lemoyne

Seaside Cemetery (Seefriedhof) by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl

(I can't find the name, sorry!) // Sarah Sherburne Langdon by John Singleton Copley

Frederiksborg Castle by Johan Christian Dahl

In case you missed part one, I recently visited the Dallas Museum of Art for the first time, and fell head over heels. This post contains photos from the same room as the last post, and another room (I'm pretty sure). As I said before, I'm a sucker for centuries old oil paintings, and I know I was hyped up seeing these. I would not be surprised if I was pretty annoying about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to find the information about a few of the paintings in all my excitement. I managed to find all but one. I hope you enjoy this peak nonetheless!

There are two more of these to look out for, so I hope you're into it!

What's genre(s) of art are you inspired by?

On Content

Alright Monday. We've got a new look, now let's settle in with something simple.

I've been blogging in this space for roughly two and a half years. I've figured some things out in this time. Okay, basically, I want to talk about content, and ways to go about it. I don't have anything super detailed, but I have a few tips that I think could work for quite a few people. These don't even necessarily need to be applied to blogging. These tips could work for any kind of creative work. They're really simple, but maybe they'll act as reminders:

It's okay to keep it simple. Not everything in life is intricate. It's also okay to go big.

Only you can determine what works for you. Tip posts (like this) are helpful, but not demanding.

Breathe. Take your time. Take a break if you need to.

Continue to grow.

(but most of all...)

Make sure you love it. Don't do whatever for the sake of doing it. Love your outlet.

Quick Update

I'm so excited you guys!

After (roughly) twelve hours of working with code and trying to find the perfect proportions, I've put out the first (and biggest) chunk of the YACHTSMAAN makeover!

I really wanted something more simplified than the previous layout. I've now got an "About" page at the very top, and all of my social media information is at the bottom. I wanted to go for a deep berry tone for Fall. Y'all know by now I'm obsessed. I'm slightly worried it's too dark, but it is just seasonal. I want your opinions though! Do you like the layout? The color? What do you think?

I'll probably be making some small tweaks in the near future, but this is it! This is the better YACHTSMAAN!

Coveting: Free People

Hello Sunday, and hello to another list of things I'm sulking over from Free People. At this point, it's really no secret that Free People is one of my favorite brands. I could honestly live in it. As Fall is right around the corner, I thought I'd update this wishlist with some soft shades and really warm looking outerwear pieces. Everything above is great on it's own, but it's also really great for layering (except the hat, you can't layer a hat, but I digress). Everything is meant to be cozy and sweet, and enough to fall in love with. See anything you like?

*This is not a sponsored post. I do not own the images in this post. All credit goes to Free People.

Doodle Every Day

This set of illustrations started foggy and ended pretty clear. I'd gotten to a point where I was forcing everything (creatively), and that's never good for me. It never works. I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days, and I really want to try to calm down a bit, and let things happen, and really take my time with any piece I'm doing, little illustration or large painting. It's actually been working a bit, so maybe I can avoid too much of a creativity block. I like how this feels.

And of course NYFW is a fun thing that's happening. Is anyone else obsessively looking out for new collections as well? What's your favorite so far?


The Conversion of St. Paul by Benjamin West

Eleanor Nightingale by John Smibert // Edward Nightingale by John Smibert

Mountain Landscape with an Approaching Storm by Claude-Joseph Vernet

Portrait of the Comtesse de Montsoreau and Sister as Diana and an Attendant by Nicolas de Largilliere //  Portrait of the Honorable Mrs. Seymour Bathurst by Sir Thomas Lawrence

The Harp Lesson (Mademoiselle d'Orleans Taking a Harp Lesson) by Jean Antoine Theodore Giroust

I recently visited the Dallas Museum of Art for the first time, and fell head over heels. It was kind of a maze until we (Kieryn and I, the usual) started finding rooms upon rooms of amazing pieces. We ended up staying until just before closing time, though we were only there for a couple hours. I'm personally incredibly inspired by classic oil paintings, and I'm a huge Monet fan girl, and there were a few Monet's I obsessed over. Everything we saw was free, and I'm sure we only scratched the surface. If you're in the area, definitely go. I've actually got a reason to want to go to Dallas now! I'll be going back.

This will definitely have three more parts, because I went a little photo happy. I still struggle putting everything to words, but I'm really lucky to have been around such exquisite art. It's cheesy, but I live for it you guys.

Want More?