The Abduction of Europa by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre

Our Daily Bread (Le Pain Quotidien) by René Magritte // Family of Darius Before Alexander by Francesco Salvator Fontebasso

Woman Bathing by Francois Lemoyne

Seaside Cemetery (Seefriedhof) by Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl

(I can't find the name, sorry!) // Sarah Sherburne Langdon by John Singleton Copley

Frederiksborg Castle by Johan Christian Dahl

In case you missed part one, I recently visited the Dallas Museum of Art for the first time, and fell head over heels. This post contains photos from the same room as the last post, and another room (I'm pretty sure). As I said before, I'm a sucker for centuries old oil paintings, and I know I was hyped up seeing these. I would not be surprised if I was pretty annoying about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to find the information about a few of the paintings in all my excitement. I managed to find all but one. I hope you enjoy this peak nonetheless!

There are two more of these to look out for, so I hope you're into it!

What's genre(s) of art are you inspired by?


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