Goodbye October

Another one bites the dust. Another month. I've got to stop this.

Hello everyone, and goodbye dear October. October has been healing in many ways. It's been a learning process about how to move on from a difficult time, and how to deal with so much change in such a small time frame. Don't get me wrong, this month was not without difficulty, but I think that's just life. Looking for the positive in the negative is not an easy task, but it's important.

I think I'm starting to learn that getting older is scary, especially when you don't notice time. I'm very young, but I'm suddenly having to cope with the fact that I'm not a child pretending to be a grown up anymore. It's not that I'm freaking out, or having some sort of quarter life crisis about it. I just can't ever keep up with time, and it's not bothering to keep up with me.

I don't want to end this negatively though. For once, I'm not so down while writing this. I just can't believe this month is over already. However, next month is total Autumn month. Thanksgiving means going all out with warm colors and cool air and too much food. And the end of next month brings the best time of year. But I'll try not to get too ahead of myself. 

I hope you're all happy. I really do.

Happy Halloween!

October Favorites

My October favorites are simple and seasonal. I forgot to number these, but they shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Sorry y'all.


Candle wax warmer (really great evening light)

The best gross (not gross at all) Halloween store bought cookies


Talking about lingerie (here and here)

Doodle Every Day

Some of these are a mess, but it's all cool. Lately I've been thinking a lot about hair (I'm doing it) and Halloween (obviously), and I've started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning. I didn't catch on to the big Netflix binge that everyone was talking about earlier this year (was that this year or...), but I remember loving the show when I was younger, and watching it every day after school. It's nice to watch it all again as an adult. Also, I've got this thing about taking holiday catalogs from my mother when they show up, and they definitely have been. I started this when I was in high school (I think?), so it's basically a tradition. So I've had Christmas on the brain. And then it rained a whole lot. It was national news. Good going flood system.

So I guess this entire round of illustrations is about my issues with growing up.

I'm kidding.

Coveting: For Love & Lemons

I originally discovered For Love & Lemons through lingerie that was sold over on the Free People website. I've followed them fairly recently on Instagram, and I've since learned that they sell dresses and sweaters alongside their amazing lingerie. I'm sold. I've got the biggest heart eyes for this brand, so I thought I'd share some pieces I sincerely wish I could squeeze into my budget. Unfortunately, I don't think their bra sizes run high enough for me personally (story of my life), so I've left them out, but the sizes do run in XS to L, and I promise they're just as beautiful as everything else on this list.

See anything you like?

*This is not a sponsored post. I do not own the images in this post.

Halloween Bits

It's almost Halloween! To celebrate, have some weird Halloween themed illustrations. Ghosts and pumpkins and bunting, oh my! That's the alternate title to this post.

I don't really think I did any Halloween themed illustrations last year, but I definitely couldn't pass it up this time around. The cemetery is actually inspired by a pretty old one about five minutes from my house. It's actually a bit famous, so I'm leaving it at that. I don't know if famous is the right word, but I heard someone mention it in a random YouTube video the other day. Off topic. Anyway, Halloween is just five days away, so it's time to go all out. I hope you're all doing seasonal things this week, and I hope you're all happy.

Autumn = Mums

I went a bit photos happy with the mums, but can you blame me? They're so gorgeous. I've never before used them to "celebrate" Fall, but one thing led to another, and now there are mums everywhere. Granted, they aren't actually mine, but I can enjoy them just the same. They just photograph so beautifully. I tried to use my phone and Instagram, but they weren't done justice that way. Do you hang out around mums in Autumn? I highly recommend it.

Doodle Every Day

I'm completely Halloween right now. I am Halloween. No, but it's fun. I get to go way over the top right now, and I want pumpkins everywhere and I need striped tights to go with my witchy boots. I just want to completely immerse myself in Halloween and Fall. Doing it. I've pulled out the one decoration I've got, and I've been illustrating with seasonal bits and pieces in mind. Here's to having a bigger space to decorate next year...

These were fun to make. I'm having mixed feelings about this project now that it's almost at an end...

Vampire Film Recommendations for Halloween

I might have mentioned before that I pretty much detest horror films. I scare really easily, so I avoid them at all costs. However, I am a big fan of vampire films. I never seem to scare from them, I'm all about romanticizing vampires (dumb), and some of the movies are just good for a laugh if the effects are cheesy enough. With Halloween drawing nearer, I thought a list of vampire films was only fitting. To be fair, most of the films on this list are pretty cheesy, and I'm a sucker for the costumes and settings. They're fun, and honestly not just for Halloween, but 'tis the season, right? These are my favorites:

Have you seen any of these? What films do you like to watch around Halloween?

25 Things That Make Me Happy About Fall

Fall is the best time of year. This is fact (opinion, but fact). I'm always in a generally better mood this time of year, and the littlest things are the most comforting. I've admittedly been in a sour mood this week, so here's a reminder to myself, and possibly to anyone reading this, that there are things to be happy about right now.

1. Cool, crisp air
2. Cozy crew socks with everything
3. Candy corn
4. Festive scents
5. Cloudy days have the best lighting
6. Baking alone
7. Leaves everywhere
9. Museums on weekdays (walking between them in Fort Worth)
10. Burgundy and burnt orange mums
11. Cozy sweaters
12. Lamp light on cool evenings
13. Pumpkins everywhere
14. Sneaking in a little more time before getting out of bed
15. Fewer bugs, finally
16. Open windows
17. Morning light
18. Belle happily running through the cold air
19. Halloween illustrations
20. Early sunsets
21. Walking outside with no shoes on
22. Reorganizing/Fall cleaning (as opposed to Spring cleaning)
23. No one notices when I skip shaving for a month at a time
24. Holiday music
25. Decorating for Christmas/prepping for Winter

... because Winter is the other sweetest time of year.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

Doodle Every Day

I'm actually quite happy with all of these. I can't complain.

This batch of illustrations saw the end of Paris Fashion Week, and the beginning of a suit obsession. I've stayed pretty busy as well, which I love, and it's given me things to think about and draw. None of these feel rushed to me. I baked zucchini bread for the first time, and it was nice, but I just want to know who was like "Oh, here's this sweet bread recipe, let's put a vegetable in it." It's weird. Another week down, not that many more to go...

Paris SS16 Favorites

Paris was the home of variety this season. Where I felt like I could pick a definitive theme through New York, London, and Milan, Paris had it all.

I've heard a lot of complaints and negativity about the last month (though maybe I'm just looking at the wrong things), but I feel completely refreshed. I was getting a bit bored a month ago, and now I've got so much more to think of and play with style-wise. I feel incredibly inspired. I think the primary thing I've pulled from this week (and the others) is that I really love simplicity. Not necessarily minimalism, no. I love detail. Give me textures and ruffles. I've fallen in love with no makeup/minimal beauty (already ahead on that one) and feminine cuts. Because of Paris, I've fallen in love with suits and odd layers, and of course, I've fallen even more in love with sheer, dainty, ankle grazing (and longer) dresses. This was the perfect note to end on, and as I'm writing this and going through the collections I saved a week ago, I'm falling in love all over again. I also noticed a few color schemes that I'd usually dedicate to Fall, but maybe they could actually be brought into the warmer seasons anyway. Maybe.

Notes for Spring: invest in skin care, dainty dresses, suits, and bare feet, and keep dreaming

*I don't own the images in this post.

Set Illustrations

I think these are the dorkiest characters I've ever illustrated, but I guess they look the most like myself in that respect. I also guess I'm still working out what specific layout I want for these. This one works as well as the last one. I don't know. You tell me. I do kind of like these two better in general. I'm always trying to improve though. I feel really passionate about that. I don't believe an artist has to hate everything they do, and I'm my biggest critic, but always improving is good for everyone. I had fun with these though, that's all that really matters. It was an enjoyable afternoon/evening. These also work well with my recent October Picks post. You can find some of the pieces from the wishlist here. 

As always, you can see more sets here. I hope you're all having a nice Wednesday.

Moving On

These small paintings are from the end of September. I didn't have much time, but I managed these, and I think they say a lot about what was going on. There's definitely an array of emotions going on here. Art imitates life, but that's alright. It happens. I do quite like these though. They were enjoyable to work on, and a good reminder as to why art is so important. It's stability, and distraction, and something beautiful when everything's a bit shit. It's really cheesy, I know. It's true though. I encourage everyone to paint. 

Enough about last month. I don't want to mention it anymore. I'll put in writing (typing) that I'm moving on. No need to dwell in the past. How's October treating you? Hopefully well. Indulge in Fall traditions. It's fun.

Doodle Every Day

I hate the first illustration with a burning passion, but I think everything else worked out fairly well. Most of these illustrations are still stemming from the ever so difficult end of September. It's all about moving on in October. Here's to it. I can't believe it's the tenth month of Doodle Every Day. I'm leaning towards not continuing in 2016, but nothing's final yet. We're nearly done, and I've got a huge stack of nearly three hundred illustrations as proof! I'm tempted to just paint ghosts for the rest of October, but I'll refrain. 

Also, I did see the blood moon, sort of. It was too cloudy, and it was a little disappointing. See you again in 36 years.

Milan SS16 Favorites

Where London presents itself as wild and youthful, Milan seems much more grown up and free. This is my own opinion of course. The free feeling has been a theme in some way throughout all three weeks of this season/month/etc so far, but is toned down here, which I really love. Coincidentally, I've been daydreaming about Italy quite a lot lately, so I've really romanticized these collections. I'm imagining simple, dreamy days wearing minimal layers that still contain a significant amount of detail. I'm all for ruffles and loose fits to give the illusion that the wearer is very carefree, be it a true assumption of not.  More of these please. Much, much more.

I do not own the photos in this post.

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