25 Things That Make Me Happy About Fall

Fall is the best time of year. This is fact (opinion, but fact). I'm always in a generally better mood this time of year, and the littlest things are the most comforting. I've admittedly been in a sour mood this week, so here's a reminder to myself, and possibly to anyone reading this, that there are things to be happy about right now.

1. Cool, crisp air
2. Cozy crew socks with everything
3. Candy corn
4. Festive scents
5. Cloudy days have the best lighting
6. Baking alone
7. Leaves everywhere
9. Museums on weekdays (walking between them in Fort Worth)
10. Burgundy and burnt orange mums
11. Cozy sweaters
12. Lamp light on cool evenings
13. Pumpkins everywhere
14. Sneaking in a little more time before getting out of bed
15. Fewer bugs, finally
16. Open windows
17. Morning light
18. Belle happily running through the cold air
19. Halloween illustrations
20. Early sunsets
21. Walking outside with no shoes on
22. Reorganizing/Fall cleaning (as opposed to Spring cleaning)
23. No one notices when I skip shaving for a month at a time
24. Holiday music
25. Decorating for Christmas/prepping for Winter

... because Winter is the other sweetest time of year.

What are your favorite things about Fall?


  1. definitely cozy knits and holiday music! thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. Agreed! Thanks Samantha, and no problem, your blog is so nice!

  2. Thanks for sharing Amber... I agree that it's the little things in life. This is such a great list. Love your grateful spirit! xx



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