Goodbye October

Another one bites the dust. Another month. I've got to stop this.

Hello everyone, and goodbye dear October. October has been healing in many ways. It's been a learning process about how to move on from a difficult time, and how to deal with so much change in such a small time frame. Don't get me wrong, this month was not without difficulty, but I think that's just life. Looking for the positive in the negative is not an easy task, but it's important.

I think I'm starting to learn that getting older is scary, especially when you don't notice time. I'm very young, but I'm suddenly having to cope with the fact that I'm not a child pretending to be a grown up anymore. It's not that I'm freaking out, or having some sort of quarter life crisis about it. I just can't ever keep up with time, and it's not bothering to keep up with me.

I don't want to end this negatively though. For once, I'm not so down while writing this. I just can't believe this month is over already. However, next month is total Autumn month. Thanksgiving means going all out with warm colors and cool air and too much food. And the end of next month brings the best time of year. But I'll try not to get too ahead of myself. 

I hope you're all happy. I really do.

Happy Halloween!


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