Paris SS16 Favorites

Paris was the home of variety this season. Where I felt like I could pick a definitive theme through New York, London, and Milan, Paris had it all.

I've heard a lot of complaints and negativity about the last month (though maybe I'm just looking at the wrong things), but I feel completely refreshed. I was getting a bit bored a month ago, and now I've got so much more to think of and play with style-wise. I feel incredibly inspired. I think the primary thing I've pulled from this week (and the others) is that I really love simplicity. Not necessarily minimalism, no. I love detail. Give me textures and ruffles. I've fallen in love with no makeup/minimal beauty (already ahead on that one) and feminine cuts. Because of Paris, I've fallen in love with suits and odd layers, and of course, I've fallen even more in love with sheer, dainty, ankle grazing (and longer) dresses. This was the perfect note to end on, and as I'm writing this and going through the collections I saved a week ago, I'm falling in love all over again. I also noticed a few color schemes that I'd usually dedicate to Fall, but maybe they could actually be brought into the warmer seasons anyway. Maybe.

Notes for Spring: invest in skin care, dainty dresses, suits, and bare feet, and keep dreaming

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