Set Illustrations

I think these are the dorkiest characters I've ever illustrated, but I guess they look the most like myself in that respect. I also guess I'm still working out what specific layout I want for these. This one works as well as the last one. I don't know. You tell me. I do kind of like these two better in general. I'm always trying to improve though. I feel really passionate about that. I don't believe an artist has to hate everything they do, and I'm my biggest critic, but always improving is good for everyone. I had fun with these though, that's all that really matters. It was an enjoyable afternoon/evening. These also work well with my recent October Picks post. You can find some of the pieces from the wishlist here. 

As always, you can see more sets here. I hope you're all having a nice Wednesday.


  1. I LOVE them. They're so dorky and fashionable!

    My art is writing, and I am my harshest critic, too, but some days, I just sit back and read my own words and think back to the process I wrote the piece with and marvel at how that all amounted to the final product.

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. Thanks so much May! I'm glad you get what I'm saying. I do this as well. I always hate an illustration when it's unfinished, but sometimes I look back at older pieces and I'm impressed.


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