Doodle Every Day - The Final Illustrations

This post is so bittersweet! I'm pretty pleased about sticking to this for an entire year, but as I scanned the very last illustration, I felt a bit sad. I've learned so much from this project, and I feel like I've finally developed my own style. I think that was my general goal at the beginning of this project. I knew that illustrating was what I loved to do, but I was so lost. I think this has really helped me find myself, artistically that is. The proof stems from the first DED post. (Side note: See the note at the bottom of that post? I at least solved that issue!) You can also browse through the rest of this year's DED illustrations here.

Though I loved this project dearly, I think it'll be good to take next year off. However, 2017 isn't off the cards. Check back with me in a year. I'll still be posting illustrations and paintings on my blog next year, of course. Art is a huge fixture in my life and this space here. I hope you'll be up for it.

And of course, Happy NYE! I hope you're all doing something enjoyable tonight, be it going out or staying in. I'll be staying in myself, though that's as far as my planning has gone. As it should on a night like this. Goodbye 2015. I've learned a lot from you.

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December Favorites

I. Christmas

II. Lebkuchen (my favorite holiday treat)

III. Everyone seems to understand my mug obsession

IV. Shorter cut

V. Glitter/Sequins on everything

What did you like this month?

I've been styling pieces with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.

December Recap

I can't believe the year is over. It's been a whirlwind, but December was a pretty nice way to wrap everything up. Christmastime is always my favorite, and though it was way too warm on the actual day, it finally feels like Winter here, and I am thriving. Unfortunately, the overnight weather change means I've been spending the last few days of the year pretty ill. I'm at that stage where I'm paranoid that I have the flu or something, even though I don't even know what having the flu is like. I don't feel well, is what I mean. It's temporary though, and I know that, and I'm really hoping I'll be better by tomorrow. My sweet dog has been mothering me and giving me a lot of attention (shouldn't that be the other way around?), so I'll be better in no time.

I haven't yet decided whether I want to make specific NYE goals or not. I'm thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish next year, but I'm not sure if it'll be something I'll talk about here. If NYE goals are your thing however, go for it! What are they? Let me know.

I hope December has been kind to you.

I've been styling pieces with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.

Favorite Films I've Seen For The First Time In 2015 Part II

And now we begin the week of posts about endings. Everything is wrapping up over here in the next few days, and we begin with movies, of course. I did Part I of this post in July, because I watched a ton of movies in the first half of the year. Unfortunately, I didn't watch near as many in the second half, but I've still got a small hand full of honorable mentions. I've also compiled a list of every movie I watched for the first time this year (I mean every movie, not just honorable mentions), and their corresponding IMDB pages in case anyone wants to check that out here. In the second half of the year, I wanted to add to my vampire film list, and I was sucked into the world of classic films, specifically hailing from the 1930's-50's, and those two categories make up almost all of what I've seen since July. Without further ado, my 2015 Part II picks: 

*I do not own the images in this post.

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Rochas Pre-Fall '16

It's like Christmas came early, and Rochas has provided a perfect balance of structure, edginess and fun, feminine detail. See the entire collection here.

I've been styling sets with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.

*I do not own the images in this post.

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