January Recap & Favorites

Life in January has been a fitting beginning. It hasn't been without any faults, and I've definitely felt Mercury in retrograde. More than anything, it's been a productive month, and I think I've started in the direction I want to continue moving in throughout the rest of this year. It'll be good. I just need to keep going. So goodbye January.

Also, I've been thinking about these end-of-the-month posts, and I've decided to go ahead and combine them. It makes more sense for now. So below are some things I've enjoyed this month: 

1. Pretty, sheer, gauzy things in the mail

2. Ginger beer, yes please

3. Chamomile tea, for a cold and for comfort

4. Faux fur everywhere

5. Layers, they're just so satisfying

I hope January was good to you. What did you enjoy about the month?

Basket Case

That's probably the absolute cheesiest line I could've come up with for the title, but it's done, and I have to live with that.

I have an unhealthy obsession with baskets. Like, take a photo of baskets I want to buy and post them to Instagram, unhealthy. I would keep stacks of them around a house, and fill them with flowers and literally anything else. I love them. I've got two that currently have to be kept out of sight for space and storage purposes, but they've changed my life. Baskets solve so many problems, so of course I'm going to draw them when I'm feeling a little artistically blocked. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since I've ended the Doodle Every Day project, I've had more time to spend on other paintings and illustrations. It's been so nice to be able to work at a slower pace, and I'm definitely enjoying the process even more now than before the project. It's still slightly bittersweet. I pulled out all of my daily illustrations from 2015 a few days ago, and it really made me miss the project. It's only been about four weeks though, so we'll see how I feel about it later.

Until then, have some baskets.

Coveting: An Anthropologie Velvet Couch

Though I already have a dream sofa picked out (something like this), I've been thinking more about statement pieces lately. This primarily stems from Pinterest, where anyone can easily learn that a colorful couch can pull a room together, even at it's most minimal state, and it's a genius idea. A very recent browse through Polyvore led me to a pink velvet piece from Anthropologie, and I fell into a black hole from there. I quickly realized that velvet is the key to catching my attention (not surprising), and Anthropologie is a gold mine. Who knew? I've listed some of my favorite options above and below, though the colors were too difficult to narrow down.

So what are your opinions on statement furniture? Do you see anything you like here?

*This is not a sponsored post. I do not own the images in this post. Source: Anthropologie

Romanticizing Used Bottles

I have this daydream that I reflect on from time to time where I live in a nice space, and I have fresh flowers everywhere, stuck in interesting wine (usually) bottles that are scattered around. The idea came about years ago, and it wasn't even my own, but I've definitely taken it. So here are two, and I've gained a couple more since these photos were taken (hello 21), and though they've only got fake flowers stuck in them for the moment, I know they'll be fresh one day, and it will be lovely and worth it. 

I hope Monday is treating you well. I've been redoing the bathroom since Friday, and I really need to have this done. I prefer canvas and paper to walls and cabinets. I'm a little bit over it, but it does look so much better than it did. Keep your bathrooms bright and airy y'all. Let the space breathe.

Statement Lighting - The Future Perfect

I was lost in Snapchat the other night, and came across a gorgeous light fixture that ultimately led me to these. I need them all, ASAP. Goodbye basic table lamps.

See anything you like?

*I do not own the images in this post. Source: The Future Perfect

Illustration Every Hour - 1.16.16

I can't spell zucchini without spellcheck. Let's just get that out of the way first. It's one of my favorite vegetables, and I can't spell it.

This was my Saturday. It was very much a day for catching up on editing and illustrating after a week of being unable to truly get my shit together. I feel like a broken record at this point. It's week three of this year, and I keep saying I need to get it together. I think I keep saying that when it's not really true. I've definitely been more productive, and I do feel even more creatively fulfilled. Last week was a weird week though, and I've been having these scatterbrain moments. I keep starting something and then I forget about it and leave the room. Does that mean something? Do I need a vitamin or something? Does anyone know? I'm losing my mind.

Anyway, Saturday was great for planning and cleaning up some ideas for next month. I started watching The Grand Budapest Hotel again, and remembered how much I adore that movie. Who doesn't? It was cold, it rained, I had strawberry lemonade, and it was all in all a pretty nice day. I hope your Saturday was too.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall '16

Christmas day was pretty stressful for me, and that's a whole other story for another day (if I ever decide to elaborate). After leaving a particularly stressful visit, an uplifting moment came in the form of a house that I didn't remember seeing before. It was apparently a new build on an old plot of land in the middle of nowhere, and it was glorious. Ranch style, white, with a big front porch and detached garage. It was a dreamy little country home. Though I wouldn't want to live in that specific town, the idea of floating around that space in long dresses and messy hair, something I thought was only in my dreams or another state, has been calling to me, and maybe, hopefully, I'll find that somewhere else some day.

My point is that this collection is everything I could ask for in a Pre-Fall collection, or any collection for that matter. The dresses seem to sway in still photos, and they're in cuts I've started collecting in my own wardrobe. The boots reassure me on my own recent boot purchase (watch this space), though I now feel like I need a much taller pair. The hats, the hats, are wonderful. I've been meaning to add a beret to my own collection, and the last photo has convinced me to try to balance a bunch of flowers on my wide-brimmed pieces. The suit look in the first photo would be perfect for days I'm feeling a bit more masculine, so the variety is a plus. This collection is a dream feeding a dream. I can spend the rest of my day zoning off about wearing these looks in my own dreamy, make-believe space.

Thank you Lorenzo Serafini.

*I do not own the images in this post. Source: Vogue Runway

A Wash

Practicing wash techniques in my high school art class was one of my favorite ways to start a day (I always had those classes in the morning for some reason), and the technique is one of my favorites still. Of course, it's not exactly the same thing I was graded on, and my own favored methods now probably wouldn't have gone over as well then. I think about things like that a lot. Art classes are good, and I stand behind them completely. However, I can't help but get defensive when people constantly ask why I haven't tried to go to art school again (that was my plan a few years ago, if you weren't aware, and it didn't work out, long story). I would have loved to go, and I fully support anyone else who wants to go, but art school does not make an artist. You learn techniques, but you have to make them your own. 

Anyway, these were so fun to create, and as I type this, I want to do so many more. These three paintings are spawning so many ideas (bigger scale?), and I'm excited to get to them. This inspiration couldn't have come at better time. I've spent the first two days of this week moping and eating straight junk food. That's got to end today. I'm still a little mopey, but I just get that way, you know? It happens to a lot of people, and it's been a sad week anyway. So here's to no more junk food and more productivity. I've got photos to edit and illustrations to finish, and I definitely can't complain about that.

I hope you're well today.

Better Off Unposted

It's not a bad thing to be over-prepared, but there is a limit. I've been guilty of taking blog post photos too far in advance. I fell into that trap one too many times last year, and this is, hopefully, the only time I will this year. These photos are old, is what I'm getting at. My hair is a bit longer there, and I recently threw those pants out. They were old and threadbare, and it was time to say goodbye. We had some good times, me and those floral pants. It's the end of an era.

Actually, I had them for a year. They were really poor quality. I did have fun in them though.

Anyway, now is when I finally have to cave and stop wearing sandals because it's way too cold. I love sandals too much for someone who loves cold weather just as much. I still slip on a pair when I go to check the mail, and every day I worry that a neighbor will see me and call me out on it, though chances of that happening are very slim. Sandals and a coat: another perfect combination.

I still have no proper words, but Bowie definitely lives on.

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