Better Off Unposted

It's not a bad thing to be over-prepared, but there is a limit. I've been guilty of taking blog post photos too far in advance. I fell into that trap one too many times last year, and this is, hopefully, the only time I will this year. These photos are old, is what I'm getting at. My hair is a bit longer there, and I recently threw those pants out. They were old and threadbare, and it was time to say goodbye. We had some good times, me and those floral pants. It's the end of an era.

Actually, I had them for a year. They were really poor quality. I did have fun in them though.

Anyway, now is when I finally have to cave and stop wearing sandals because it's way too cold. I love sandals too much for someone who loves cold weather just as much. I still slip on a pair when I go to check the mail, and every day I worry that a neighbor will see me and call me out on it, though chances of that happening are very slim. Sandals and a coat: another perfect combination.


  1. Taking photos in advance is far better than falling behind and not taking any at all haha! I can appreciate why the sandals have had to go away now, it's bitterly cold this month. I hope Spring hurries up and returns for you soon Amber :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. So true, but I think I need to focus on taking them a week or so in advance, not a month. It has been bitterly cold, but I live in Texas, and it feels like Spring today. We're also supposed to get snow this weekend, so I don't really know. Thanks for the comment Gabrielle!

  2. so adorable! love the first pic <3


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