January Recap & Favorites

Life in January has been a fitting beginning. It hasn't been without any faults, and I've definitely felt Mercury in retrograde. More than anything, it's been a productive month, and I think I've started in the direction I want to continue moving in throughout the rest of this year. It'll be good. I just need to keep going. So goodbye January.

Also, I've been thinking about these end-of-the-month posts, and I've decided to go ahead and combine them. It makes more sense for now. So below are some things I've enjoyed this month: 

1. Pretty, sheer, gauzy things in the mail

2. Ginger beer, yes please

3. Chamomile tea, for a cold and for comfort

4. Faux fur everywhere

5. Layers, they're just so satisfying

I hope January was good to you. What did you enjoy about the month?


  1. I love the photographs with the glitter stars!
    The Snap Narrative

  2. Such pretty photos.

    I've enjoyed staying in more. Taking my dog on walks through the snow. And taking my mornings extra slow.


    1. Thank you Jennifer! That sounds really lovely. You're doing Winter right.


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