Goodbye February

... and it's time for February to go.

It's been an interesting month, filled with love, but not in a typical romantic/February way. My brother and his girlfriend (I really need to think of something shorter to call them on this blog) found out that their child is a daughter. That's been the highlight of the month, without a doubt. I've been trying to live day by day, and welcome more opportunities, which is a good thing. I haven't had a social life at all though, and that's not so good. My family is still going through a rough patch (seriously, bless my unborn niece), so I've been trying to act as a mediator or companion, whichever is necessary. This is directly related to my social life though. I spend too much time trying to please others, and I think I need to do something for myself next month. I'm still not sure what that is, but we'll see.

So goodbye February. I think you've been productive and balanced, and it's been real.


My mother is a crystal fanatic, and I recently had the sudden realization that she's passed the obsession down to me without any warning or apologies. Thanks Mom. Years of listening to her comment on the colors shining as the sunlight filters through whatever specific piece in the house has worn me down, and I get it now. I do. It's gorgeous.

I'll admit that I didn't buy either of the piece pictured above. They were both my mother's doing, and they've somehow gone from being borrowed to owned. A little while ago I made an offhanded comment about buying my own crystal candlesticks sometime, and with a puzzled expression, my mother replied "But you have your own." This was news to me. Of course, I also grew up under the impression that the antique dresser I used as a teenager was mine, only to learn as an adult that a certain someone changed her mind. Moms. I never know what's really going on.

I've still got the candlesticks anyway, and now I'll find myself browsing antique shops for pieces for myself as well, instead of just my mother. I've turned into my mother. Oh. 


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It's been ages since I last shared canvas pieces on this blog, so I thought I'd play catch up.

Watercolor is usually my medium of choice, but occasionally I'll have the urge to pull down my box of acrylic paint and take to a canvas. The pieces above are pieces I've done in the last three or four months that haven't been gifted/given away. Actually, the first two pieces are oil, and the rest are acrylic. Oil is wonderful for texture, but sometimes I really just can't stomach the smell. Acrylic can be fussy sometimes, but I've been working on a couple of different methods that I'm really enjoying.

When I wanted to go to art school, I spent so much time trying and failing to produce acrylic pieces that I could be proud of. In case you didn't know about the art school thing, it didn't work out, but I think I'm doing pretty okay anyway, at least artistically. I'm proud of these pieces, and it's a nice feeling. I hope you've done something recently that you're proud of.

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A Beret Edit

I've been adding berets to Polyvore sets for a couple months now, and I've firmly convinced myself that owning one or ten is completely necessary. They go with everything. I'm so serious; dresses of any length, jeans, shorts, etc, everything. They look so cool as well. There's an element of mystery. Every time I see a photo of someone wearing a beret, I instantly want to know who they are and what they're about. Berets are important. Above and below are some I've had my beret loving eyes on.

Honerable mentions not pictured:

(Beret is just a fun word as well. Another positive.)

I do not own the images in this post. This is not a sponsored post.

I've been styling sets with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.


There's something to be said about having alone time, even if you're alone quite a bit. I'm alone most of the time, but there's something different when I know for sure that I'll be alone for awhile, with no possible interruptions, and nothing I absolutely have to do. There's a difference between the two, I swear. The latter is my favorite, and that's what I spent the latter half of my week doing. It was great too, because Friday evening brought my brother and his girlfriend back to town. I got to take some more exciting photos, because I'm going to have a niece! It's so exciting, and I can't stop saying that word. My family has been predominately male my entire life, so another girl is a very big deal. Watching my brother shop for clothes for his daughter was something else.

These paintings are slightly calm and slightly anxious, and that pretty much sums up my state of being lately. It's possibly just hormones, but it's unnerving nonetheless. The funk that I was in a couple weeks go hasn't completely gone away, but I'm trying to get that energy out creatively instead of staying in bed and accomplishing nothing. Progress? Sure. I'd honestly rather not have that feeling at all. I'm sure some of you can relate.

We'll get through it. I hope Monday is good to you.

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On Living In A Small Town

As a teenager, I wanted to run away and live in a busy city somewhere. As an adult, I can't really picture that for myself anymore. I've done it, and it wasn't what I thought it would be, and I've fallen in love with small towns ever since. Nothing really seems to beat being close to nature and having fairly quiet days. You can actually see stars at night, and nothing beats fresh air during Spring and Fall. I love to leave the windows open all day, and I don't have to worry about smog or dirt or loud traffic sounds wafting into my space. (Is this becoming slightly passive aggressive?)

Small towns are not without faults. Being a pretty far drive from everything is irritating at times, though online shopping certainly helps. When your friends move closer to cities, you don't see each other as much, because it's kind of impractical. But if you move the negative aspect aside, there's something really freeing and fresh about living in a small town, and it's kind of like magic sometimes. It's very inspiring.

Of course, I can't really predict what the future may hold, and maybe I'll live in a city again one day. Who knows? Sometimes I genuinely think I will end up in a city again. You can never really predict the future, but you can enjoy the now.

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Hand-me-downs are underrated.

1991 is the year my mother says she bought these, and now they're mine. These earrings are older than me you guys, and I love them. My mother and I have styles that are similar, yet extremely different, and we still manage to find so many pieces that work for both of us. Others work for both of us at different times, like these earrings. They're a fun touch if I want to draw attention to my ears, and though they're not as big as those Celine earrings, they're kind of on trend as well. That's a pretty entertaining thought though, because my mother bought these earrings 25 years ago. I love when style comes full circle. Now let's bring back body glitter, please.

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Covering Up New Growth

I've seen a few too many media sites make fun of anyone who wants to live a little and add glitter to their hair. Here's the thing: glitter is fun. Don't be so serious all the time. Your negativity isn't entertaining.

I have new growth. It's pretty obvious. I actually have more dye to touch up my hair, but I always like to see how long I can push myself to wait. I don't have anything super important going on, so I'll keep waiting. In the mean time, glitter is a fun way to distract from the ever growing blonde-very-much-not-red roots. I should do this more often. I should also mention that it got everywhere, and I keep finding pieces of glitter in the strangest spots around the house. Whoops. I'm leaving a mark everywhere I go like a shedding dog.

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Not Pink Enough

I've certainly had an insightful weekend, and in a positive way. Let's put the angst of last week behind us and move on.

After scheduling Friday's "Weekend Reading" post on Thursday night, I suddenly had the urge to scrawl out a messy illustration. It was still fun, but the process did feel forced by the end of it. I'll be pretty pleased when that feeling goes away. I also wound up caught up on most things by ten, and with sleep not even crossing my mind, I ended up watching an episode of House Hunters International. I've strayed from my obsession with HGTV, but I remembered the full episodes available online. Oh no. This isn't sponsored either, it's just an unhealthy addiction. Anyway, this episode featured a woman named Emerald Bond (pretty sure) searching for a place in Paris. I found her fascinating, and as soon as she mentioned wanting to start a food blog, I was on the hunt. As it turns out, the episode was from 2006, and she did indeed stay in Paris and start a food blog. Unfortunately, the last post is from May of last year.

I'm still fascinated by this woman though, or more so her experience. The idea of dropping everything and moving to a dreamy city and doing what you want is one I always like to keep in mind, and this was another inspiring story. I do wonder what she's up to now though...

This outfit isn't one of my favorites in hindsight. I can't pinpoint exactly what it it, but it doesn't feel very me. That happens sometimes though. The beauty of personal style is having something that feels like you, that makes you feel good, and sometimes you might miss. I think it's the black tights. I'm a little over black tights at the moment. Just on me though. They look great on everyone else. I also accidentally shrunk that sweater in the wash. It used to be bigger. Lesson learned.

I've been styling sets with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.

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