Incorporating A Bit of Faux Fur

I'm completely on board with this faux fur trend. Let it stick around for awhile.

This little faux fur collar looks really, well, little in these photos, but it's makes a much larger impact in person. It actually came with the coat, but I hated it at the time, and it's been stored away with the rest of my basically unused Winter gear (Texas y'all). However, with my love for the trend growing at a rapid pace, I had to bring it back out. I feel pretty fancy walking to my mailbox in leggings and this coat combination, and I've gained a few odd looks from neighbors, but it all in the name of feeling pretty damn powerful when you like your clothes.

Though I've replaced my old Winter boots, the weather has been warming up a bit, and I've been slipping back into the habit of wearing sandals all the time. I should really stop. As I type this, a chill has come through the window, so that should be all the convincing I (should) need. Shoes aside though, I want to add quite a few more faux fur pieces to my collection, but I need a little bit of time for that to happen. I really want/need this trend to stick around, if just for the variety of pieces currently available.


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