Not Pink Enough

I've certainly had an insightful weekend, and in a positive way. Let's put the angst of last week behind us and move on.

After scheduling Friday's "Weekend Reading" post on Thursday night, I suddenly had the urge to scrawl out a messy illustration. It was still fun, but the process did feel forced by the end of it. I'll be pretty pleased when that feeling goes away. I also wound up caught up on most things by ten, and with sleep not even crossing my mind, I ended up watching an episode of House Hunters International. I've strayed from my obsession with HGTV, but I remembered the full episodes available online. Oh no. This isn't sponsored either, it's just an unhealthy addiction. Anyway, this episode featured a woman named Emerald Bond (pretty sure) searching for a place in Paris. I found her fascinating, and as soon as she mentioned wanting to start a food blog, I was on the hunt. As it turns out, the episode was from 2006, and she did indeed stay in Paris and start a food blog. Unfortunately, the last post is from May of last year.

I'm still fascinated by this woman though, or more so her experience. The idea of dropping everything and moving to a dreamy city and doing what you want is one I always like to keep in mind, and this was another inspiring story. I do wonder what she's up to now though...

This outfit isn't one of my favorites in hindsight. I can't pinpoint exactly what it it, but it doesn't feel very me. That happens sometimes though. The beauty of personal style is having something that feels like you, that makes you feel good, and sometimes you might miss. I think it's the black tights. I'm a little over black tights at the moment. Just on me though. They look great on everyone else. I also accidentally shrunk that sweater in the wash. It used to be bigger. Lesson learned.

I've been styling sets with Yoins on Polyvore. You can check that out here.


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