On Using Other Mediums

I don't know if you've been able to tell, but since the Doodle Every Day project ended, I've strayed away from illustrations. I'll make one occasionally, but it's not as fun for me right now. That's something that I wasn't expecting, but I don't think it's too unusual. Quite a few times I've read about artists switching mediums, and now I feel like I kind of understand why. The DED project helped me develop my style, and it was a lot of fun to do, but I think it burned me out. For the time being, I'm much happier painting freely, and I've decided that I'll show this on my blog anyway. If I don't want to do illustrations, I'm not going to, and that means they'll be absent from the blog as well (obviously). I'm not saying I'm done with illustrating for good, I really don't see that happening actually, but I need a break, and I'm happier this way. I'm more creative this way.

I hope you'll enjoy the paintings as well.