Having Acne As An Adult

I've had acne for a long time. I can't remember when it started, but it's been awhile. As a teenager, I was convinced that all of my skin problems would disappear once I hit my twenties. That is not the case. I still always have at least one or two spots, and I've got plenty of marks along my jawline. PMS and my period have increasingly become more and more stressful on my body, and acne is a byproduct. It physically hurts sometimes, and the knowledge that it's always there, and everyone can see it, really takes a toll mentally. My skin has also become sensitive in the sense that I can't wear any kind of foundation without instantly itching. My acne is on show for the world to see at any given time. I'm also sure it's one of the reasons I'm always mistaken for a fifteen or sixteen year old. 

The photo above is what my face looks like on a good day. It wasn't so bad, there weren't any new breakouts, and I still chose to edit the photo in black and white, because the red spots didn't pair very well with my red hair in the afternoon sunlight. This isn't really fair to myself though, because anyone who sees me in person will see the red theme. Who am I trying to fool? I've recently found myself retouching my face for blog photos. I usually only enhance the brightness in my photos, sometimes I'll play with the saturation, but I've been finding myself taking advantage of the blur tool a bit too much lately. Obviously I don't blur all the acne out, but some. I want to stop doing this.

The blur tool was not used on this photo, but this is my face on a good day. I'm going to try to stop using it on my face for good. I have adult acne. It happens. This is my face. I need to embrace it. 


  1. I can relate to this - I have annoying blemishes on both of my cheeks that won't budge, and it bugs me so much as it knocks my self confidence. I don't wear make-up, mainly because I'm clueless as to applying it and would look like a clown. Anyway, I feel that had these blemishes done a disappearing act, maybe I would a be a bit more confident in myself as I do feel it gives people a certain impression of who I am, which I don't like.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Exactly Meg. I'm so glad you understand, and thanks for the comment!


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