One Pair of Earrings, One Ear

I've been finding myself living sans earrings more often than not these days. They hurt when I try to sleep in them (which I always did before, but I'm a lot more prone to migraines now), and working from homes usually means not dressing up too much, which is a habit I need to break every once in awhile. On the up side however, a lack of earring routine means that I've been a lot more open to statement looks. Bigger earrings, more color, and my current favorite, a single pair worn in one ear (the other ear stays empty, of course), specifically, this gold pair (that I've already talked about before, sorry). Try it though. Good results.


  1. Digging this look. All about the double earring look man, I have 6 piercings in one ear and they go in rows of twos!


    1. Thanks! 6 piercings sounds fun, experiment away!


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