Rain Rules the Land

It's been raining so much lately, so what's a blogger to do?

Talk about it.

This began as a normal outfit post, and quickly fell apart. But not really, because I still like the photos, and I still think this works. It rained so much last week (I think every day), and the weather definitely ruled my life. You can see here where I decided to try to take some photos outside, but what you actually can't see is the inch of standing water on the grass in between the other large puddles. Oh yeah, everything flooded. I had to scrap my original idea, and make something out of the what I had. Since I was already caught up on photos for the week, and I was really just wanting to take some in advance, I decided to cut myself some slack and enjoy the weather instead. I do find rainy days dreamy, and most of the rain here comes in Spring anyway, so it was a nice excuse to slow down. It was also a nice excuse to plan more things for this blog and get around to some household things I've been avoiding, i.e. replacing the shelf paper in my bathroom. What fun.

So here are a few of my favorite things to do when it's raining.

Open all the blinds

Listen to KEXP

Take photos

Read a lot

Embrace it

That's pretty much it. It's a fail-safe method. However, as the rain clears up (for now at least), I need to get busy again, and I have a few questions. Can any of you give me any advice about facial oils? I've been strongly considering oil, but I don't know if I'll need to use a moisturizing oil with cleansing oil. I'm pretty much clueless about this, but it's something I'm really interested in. After posting last week about having adult acne, my chin proceeded to break out into double digit spots, and it was so sore. I need a change in my beauty regimen, but I'm finding it so difficult to find information about oils.

I hope Tuesday is good to you.


  1. Is there anything in the world better than curling up with a book when it's raining outside!? I am SO with you on that one. It's my ideal happy place. I love these photos...the one of the plants underwater could be an iPhone background.

    I don't use facial oils I'm afraid...so I can't give you any advise on that front :-( Hope you find something!

    xx lacoconoire.com

    1. I agree so much, ugh. That is such a great way to spend a day. Thanks so much Katie, and I'll just keep searching!


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