Shirt Hoarding

Just when I convince myself to stop wearing that dress all the time, I think of another way to style it.

Every year my parents get my brother and I (and now his own little family, I'll possibly start referring to them as JAM, maybe) pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. The top I'm wearing here was actually the top to my 2015 PJ set (seriously, I never buy myself pajamas), and I've been hoarding it in my closet because it's such a perfect white shirt, and I am a messy person. I also have three messy dogs and boobs that stretch every tight fitting shirt, so this is a really special shirt. Coincidentally, JAM found the perfect tank top for me for Christmas, and I'm safeguarding that as well. Anyway, I figured I should try this after seeing a similar combination on a very nice looking musician (sans maxi length though), and I think it worked out the way I'd hoped it would. Cool.

Maybe it's time to tuck the dress away for awhile. Okay.