Etsy Edit: Some of My Recent Favorites

My Etsy Favorites list is on fire right now, and it's not full of lingerie for once. Lately I've really been in the mood for linen and wrap dresses, ceramics, and mid-century furniture. The tote bag is practical and lovely, the blanket feeds my addiction, and my niece needs that onesie. The color scheme is accidental, but understandable. Illness and heat, especially when combined, make me want to surround myself with whites and calm neutrals (along with shades of blue, of course). I'm happy with this list, and I'd be even happier with all of these pieces in my space. If you'd like to browse through the rest of my favorites, you can do so here.

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  1. I need number 7 in my life so badly right now.

    1. Oh yeah, me too. Thanks for the comment Elizabeth!


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